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Predictor Report

How to change, grow and develop. Discover details of future events.

Planetary events listed by date, giving you advance notice of important opportunities that may have a lasting influence on your life. Remain in control of significant events.

You get 20+ pages for 3 Months, 40+ pages for 6 Months, or 80+ pages for 12 Months. Delivered instantly on-screen and emailed to you.

Discover the right time to act

Unlock your vitality and self-expression, using your emotions and intuition, intelligence and communicative skills. Being cooperative in romance and relationships, using your energy, initiative and sexual drive, when dealing with sudden and unexpected events and incorporating emotional insight. Being equipped to deal with escapist tendencies and facing up to major upheavals. Predictor should only be used as a helpful guide.

Please Note: At all times it is for you to make use of your most positive characteristics during the periods indicated.

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Career Potential Pack

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