Birthdays are one of the most celebrated annual events of our lives. It’s easy to wish someone a plain “Happy Birthday.” Sometimes it’s not convenient to come up with a message that can put a smile to someone’s heart. It is especially true if you are in a hurry. Make it easy for yourself and download this ready-made greeting for posting to social media like Facebook, Twitter, or directly pin on Pinterest.

This image works best if linked to a specific birthday ninja page. Click here to get a new random wish, or you may copy and paste this message:

I hope that today, at your party, you dance and others sing as you celebrate with joy your best birthday.

How to download on desktop computers?
1) Right-click (control-click on Mac) on the image and select “Save Image As...” from the pop-up menu.
2) A file dialog box will open asking you where you want to save the image file.

How to download on mobile devices?
1) Long-press on the image and select “Save Image”.
2) Check your Photos, Camera Roll or Gallery to see the saved image.

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