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Why does your website say I’m one year younger when my birthday is today?

The web server is using UTC timezone on all time and date computations. If you are a visitor on a different timezone, for example South East Asia using GMT+8, then there will be a big difference between you and the server. This is the reason why the birthday computation is off and a day is still missing to complete the year.

Why does the name of a popular individual or a famous event does not show on my birthday?

The website picks 10 random entries for each segment like famous celebrity, who was born on, and what happened on. Simply reload or refresh the page to see a different set of 10 entries for each segment. You may also follow the provided link to view the full list of entries for that segment.

Where’s my Astrology Sample Megapack?

Check your past email for the access link to the megapack. Use the form below to notify us if you are already a subscriber and did not receive the new Welcome Email. Make sure to use the actual email address you used to subscribe in our mailing list.

Why is there no Love Match for my birthday?

The best Love Match for your birthday will not show if the other person is below 18 years old. This is due to complaints from individuals not wanting to be associated with a child. A workaround is to try a love match using your birth date for Person #1. Use anyone for Person #2. It should give your best love match in the Recommended Reading section.

Why is my zodiac sign different on your website?

This website uses the tropical zodiac boundaries enumerated on this Wikipedia page . You are born on a cusp if your birthday falls between the intersection of two zodiac signs. You will need the exact time and place of your birth to construct a natal chart. Timezone and Daylight Saving Time offsets are very important in identifying your real sun sign. Use this free resource to create your birth chart.

How do I remove cookies created by this website?

Visit the Privacy Opt-Out page and follow the instructions on how to delete cookies including those set by third-party partners.

Can you remove a Love Match page that includes my name and birthday?

Please send the actual URL(s) that you want us to remove. We will use the details on those pages to update our blacklist. We will also file a corresponding page removal request in Google to delete them from their search results.

Where can I get help regarding my Astrology Report purchase?

For Astrology Readings related orders, kindly use this help page instead.

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