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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your website say I’m one year younger when my birthday is today?

The web server is using UTC timezone on all time and date computations. If you are a visitor on a different timezone, for example South East Asia using GMT+8, then there will be a big difference between you and the server. This is the reason why the birthday computation is off and a day is still missing to complete the year.

Why does the name of a popular individual or a famous event does not show on my birthday?

The website picks 10 random entries for each segment like famous celebrity, who was born on, and what happened on. Simply reload or refresh the page to see a different set of 10 entries for each segment. You may also follow the provided link to view the full list of entries for that segment.

Where’s my Astrology Sample Megapack?

Check your past email for the access link to the megapack. Use the form below to notify us if you are already a subscriber and did not receive the new Welcome Email. Make sure to use the actual email address you used to subscribe in our mailing list.

Why are you citing last year’s events in this year’s horoscope?

The yearly horoscope sometimes reference some events in the previous years to give context on how long it has been prior to the current event. There are times it will reference events that are decades ago just to give the reader an idea on how rare and important an event is.

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