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November 0 Famous Birthdays

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Famous November Birthdays

The following 6,649 famous people including celebrities were born in the month of November. A random sample was chosen for each day. Click the    after the name to explore the birth date info. You might also want to browse the filtered celebrity birthdays in November.

Zodiac signs for November are Scorpio and Sagittarius . The modern birthstone for November is Topaz while the mystical gemstone (based on Tibetan origin) is Pearl.

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November 1

  • 1585
    Jan Brożek, Polish mathematician, physician, and astronomer (d. 1652)
  • 1926
    Olaf Kopvillem, Estonian-Canadian singer-songwriter and conductor (d. 1997)  
  • 1964
    Karen Marie Moning, American author  
  • 1979
    Coco Crisp, American baseball player  
  • 1988
    Ai Fukuhara, Japanese table tennis player  

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November 2

  • 1924
    David Bauer, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 1988)  
  • 1927
    Steve Ditko, American author and illustrator  
  • 1934
    Bill Gothard, American minister and author  
  • 1950
    Alex Fagan, American police officer (d. 2010)  
  • 1979
    Julie Lund, Danish actress  

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November 3

  • 1896
    Gustaf Tenggren, Swedish-American illustrator and animator (d. 1970)
  • 1912
    Alfredo Stroessner, Paraguayan general and politician, 46th President of Paraguay (d. 2006)  
  • 1927
    Harrison McCain, Canadian businessman, co-founded McCain Foods (d. 2004)  
  • 1946
    Wataru Takeshita, Japanese politician  
  • 1976
    Tōko Aoyama, Japanese voice actress  

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November 4

  • 1912
    Vadim Salmanov, Russian pianist and composer (d. 1978)  
  • 1947
    Jerry Fleck, American actor, director, and production manager (d. 2003)  
  • 1958
    Anne Sweeney, American businesswoman  
  • 1962
    Arvo Volmer, Estonian conductor  
  • 1984
    French Montana, Moroccan-American rapper  

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November 5

  • 1937
    Harris Yulin, American actor  
  • 1964
    Gabby Concepcion, Filipino actor and singer  
  • 1966
    Georgia Apostolou, Greek model and actress  
  • 1973
    Peter Emmerich, American illustrator and educator  
  • 1975
    Lisa Scott-Lee, Welsh singer-songwriter and dancer (Steps)  

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November 6

  • 1947
    Jim Rosenthal, English sportscaster and actor  
  • 1957
    Lori Singer, American actress and singer  
  • 1957
    Siobhán McCarthy, Irish actress and singer  
  • 1973
    Nell McAndrew, English model and runner  
  • 1978
    Zak Morioka, Brazilian race car driver  

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November 7

  • 1903
    Dean Jagger, American actor (d. 1991)  
  • 1951
    Gerard F. Gilmore, Professor of Experimental Philosophy, in the Institute of Astronomy, at the University of Cambridge  
  • 1983
    Forrest Kline, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Hellogoodbye)  
  • 1984
    Gervais Randrianarisoa, Malagasy footballer  
  • 1988
    Simone Favaro, Italian rugby player  

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November 8

  • 1768
    Princess Augusta Sophia of the United Kingdom (d. 1840)
  • 1912
    Stylianos Pattakos, Greek general and politician, Deputy Prime Minister of Greece  
  • 1956
    Richard Curtis, English actor, director, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1968
    José Offerman, Dominican baseball player and manager  
  • 1974
    Penelope Heyns, South African swimmer  

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November 9

  • 1936
    Bob Graham, American lawyer and politician, 38th Governor of Florida  
  • 1937
    Cliff Bole, American director and producer  
  • 1951
    Lou Ferrigno, American bodybuilder and actor  
  • 1964
    Robert Duncan McNeill, American actor, director, and producer  
  • 1983
    Rob Elloway, German rugby player  

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November 10

  • 1913
    Karl Shapiro, American poet and academic (d. 2000)  
  • 1927
    Vaughn O. Lang, American general (d. 2014)  
  • 1968
    Tom Papa, American comedian, actor, television host  
  • 1975
    Markko Märtin, Estonian rally driver  
  • 1980
    Yevhen Lutsenko, Ukrainian footballer  

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November 11

  • 1792
    Mary Anne Disraeli, Welsh wife of Benjamin Disraeli, Spouse of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1872)
  • 1906
    Brother Theodore, German-American monologuist and comedian (d. 2001)  
  • 1920
    Walter Krupinski, Russian-German captain and pilot (d. 2000)  
  • 1962
    Kendra Slawinski, English netball player and coach  
  • 1976
    Jason Grilli, American baseball player  

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November 12

  • 1916
    Rogelio de la Rosa, Filipino actor and politician (d. 1986)  
  • 1930
    Bob Crewe, American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2014)  
  • 1944
    Booker T. Jones, American pianist, saxophonist, songwriter, and producer  
  • 1949
    Ron Lapointe, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 1992)  
  • 1994
    Anna Khnychenkova, Ukrainian figure skater  

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November 13

  • 1883
    Oscar Brockmeyer, American soccer player (d. 1954)
  • 1933
    Ojārs Vācietis, Latvian writer and poet (d. 1983)  
  • 1945
    Masahiro Hasemi, Japanese race car driver  
  • 1948
    Humayun Ahmed, Bangladeshi author, screenwriter, and director (d. 2012)  
  • 1968
    Pat Hentgen, American baseball player and coach  

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November 14

  • 1863
    Leo Baekeland, Belgian-American chemist and engineer (d. 1944)
  • 1912
    Barbara Hutton, American philanthropist (d. 1979)  
  • 1916
    Roger Apéry, Greek-French mathematician and academic (d. 1994)  
  • 1983
    Lil Boosie, American rapper  
  • 1991
    Taylor Hall, Canadian ice hockey player  

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November 15

  • 1873
    Sara Josephine Baker, American physician and academic (d. 1945)
  • 1903
    Stewie Dempster, New Zealand cricketer and coach (d. 1974)  
  • 1952
    Rick Atkinson, American journalist, historian, and author  
  • 1967
    Wayne Harrison, English footballer (d. 2013)  
  • 1991
    Shailene Woodley, American actress  

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November 16

  • 1839
    Louis-Honoré Fréchette, Canadian poet, author, and politician (d. 1908)
  • 1963
    Steve Argüelles, English drummer and producer (Loose Tubes and Human Chain)  
  • 1965
    Mika Aaltonen, Finnish footballer  
  • 1974
    Brooke Elliott, American actress and singer  
  • 1986
    Maxime Médard, French rugby player  

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November 17

  • 1929
    Gorō Naya, Japanese actor and director (d. 2013)  
  • 1940
    Aşık Mahzuni Şerif, Turkish composer, author, and poet (d. 2002)  
  • 1951
    Butch Davis, American football player and coach  
  • 1955
    Dennis Maruk, Canadian ice hockey player  
  • 1973
    Leslie Bibb, American actress and producer  

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November 18

  • 1882
    Jacques Maritain, French philosopher and author (d. 1973)
  • 1923
    Anne Sargent, American actress (d. 2007)  
  • 1928
    Salvador Laurel, Filipino lawyer and politician, 5th Prime Minister of the Philippines (d. 2004)  
  • 1960
    Yeşim Ustaoğlu, Turkish director, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1976
    Mona Zaki, Egyptian actress  

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November 19

  • 1900
    Mikhail Lavrentyev, Russian mathematician and hydrodynamicist (d. 1980)
  • 1962
    Dodie Boy Peñalosa, Filipino boxer and trainer  
  • 1964
    Fred Diamond, American-English mathematician and academic  
  • 1976
    Jun Shibata, Japanese singer-songwriter  
  • 1980
    Vladimir Radmanović, Serbian basketball player  

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November 20

  • 1750
    Tipu Sultan, Indian ruler (d. 1799)
  • 1886
    Bray Hammond, American historian and author (d. 1968)
  • 1937
    Eero Mäntyranta, Finnish skier (d. 2013)  
  • 1956
    Natasha Vlassenko, Russian-Australian pianist and educator  
  • 1963
    Ming-Na Wen, Macanese-American actress  

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November 21

  • 1495
    John Bale, English bishop and historian (d. 1563)
  • 1929
    Marilyn French, American author and academic (d. 2009)  
  • 1935
    Fairuz, Lebanese singer  
  • 1937
    Ingrid Pitt, Polish-English actress (d. 2010)  
  • 1938
    Helen, Burmese-Indian actress and dancer  

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November 22

  • 1635
    Francis Willughby, English ornithologist and ichthyologist (d. 1672)
  • 1845
    Aleksander Kunileid, Estonian composer and educator (d. 1875)
  • 1950
    Steven Van Zandt, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor (E Street Band, Steel Mill, and Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes)  
  • 1981
    Ben Adams, English-Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer (A1)  
  • 1988
    Suresh Guptara, English-Swiss author  

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November 23

  • 1949
    Tom Joyner, American radio host  
  • 1961
    Keith Ablow, American psychiatrist and author  
  • 1970
    Oded Fehr, Israeli-American actor  
  • 1980
    Ishmael Beah, Sierra Leonean-American soldier and author  
  • 1983
    Thomas Pridgen, American drummer (The Memorials, The Mars Volta, and Trash Talk)  

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November 24

  • 1806
    William Webb Ellis, English clergyman, created Rugby football (d. 1872)
  • 1912
    Garson Kanin, American director and screenwriter (d. 1999)  
  • 1942
    Andrew Stunell, English politician  
  • 1979
    Joseba Llorente, Spanish footballer  
  • 1983
    Lars Eckert, German rugby player  

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November 25

  • 1609
    Henrietta Maria of France (d. 1669)
  • 1915
    Augusto Pinochet, Chilean general and politician, 30th President of Chile (d. 2006)  
  • 1942
    Bob Lind, American singer-songwriter and guitarist  
  • 1973
    Steven de Jongh, Dutch cyclist  
  • 1986
    Craig Gardner, English footballer  

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November 26

  • 1909
    Eugène Ionesco, Romanian-French playwright (d. 1994)  
  • 1959
    Jerry Schemmel, American sportscaster  
  • 1960
    Harold Reynolds, American baseball player and sportscaster  
  • 1970
    Dave Hughes, Australian comedian and radio host  
  • 1988
    Yumi Kobayashi, Japanese model  

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November 27

  • 1920
    Cal Worthington, American captain and car dealer (d. 2013)  
  • 1960
    Gianni Vernetti, Italian politician  
  • 1963
    Fisher Stevens, American actor, director, and producer  
  • 1973
    Evan Karagias, American wrestler and actor  
  • 1978
    Eszter Molnár, Hungarian tennis player  

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November 28

  • 1946
    Joe Dante, American director and producer  
  • 1964
    Roy Tarpley, American basketball player (d. 2015)  
  • 1970
    Richard Osman, English television host, director, and producer  
  • 1971
    Cathy Garcia-Molina, Filipino director  
  • 1987
    Bianca Manalo, Filipino actress, model, and host, Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2009  

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November 29

  • 1942
    Maggie Thompson, American author and critic  
  • 1949
    Garry Shandling, American comedian, actor, and screenwriter  
  • 1959
    Rahm Emanuel, American politician, 23rd White House Chief of Staff  
  • 1968
    Jonathan Knight, American singer-songwriter and dancer (New Kids on the Block)  
  • 1985
    Shannon Brown, American basketball player  

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November 30

  • 1924
    Shirley Chisholm, American educator and politician (d. 2005)  
  • 1940
    Dan Tieman, American basketball player and coach (d. 2012)  
  • 1944
    Dian Parkinson, American model, Miss District of Columbia USA 1965  
  • 1958
    Stacey Q, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress (Q and SSQ)  
  • 1967
    Joseph Corré, English businessman, co-founded Agent Provocateur  

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