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November 0 Famous Birthdays

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Famous November Birthdays

The following 6,649 famous people including celebrities were born in the month of November. A random sample was chosen for each day. Click the    after the name to explore the birth date info. You might also want to browse the filtered celebrity birthdays in November.

Zodiac signs for November are Scorpio and Sagittarius . The modern birthstone for November is Topaz while the mystical gemstone (based on Tibetan origin) is Pearl.

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November 1

  • 1915
    Margaret Taylor-Burroughs, American painter, co-founded the DuSable Museum of African American History (d. 2010)  
  • 1935
    Gary Player, South African golfer and sportscaster  
  • 1965
    Inka Friedrich, German actress  
  • 1973
    Aishwarya Rai, Indian model and actress, Miss World 1994  
  • 1983
    Jon Wilkin, English rugby player  

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November 2

  • 1755
    Marie Antoinette, Austrian-French wife of Louis XVI of France (d. 1793)
  • 1947
    Dave Pegg, English bass player and producer (Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, and Ian Campbell Folk Group)  
  • 1966
    Tim Kirkman, American director and screenwriter  
  • 1981
    Miryo, South Korean singer-songwriter (Brown Eyed Girls)  
  • 1989
    Stevan Jovetić, Montenegrin footballer  

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November 3

  • 1852
    Emperor Meiji of Japan (d. 1912)
  • 1930
    Brian Robinson, English cyclist  
  • 1956
    Kevin Murphy, American actor, puppeteer, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1964
    Algimantas Briaunis, Lithuanian footballer and manager  
  • 1987
    Colin Kaepernick, American football player  

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November 4

  • 1887
    Alfred Lee Loomis, American physicist and philanthropist (d. 1975)
  • 1961
    Jeff Probst, American television host and producer  
  • 1979
    Jesse Camp, American television host, singer, and actor  
  • 1987
    Tim Breukers, Dutch footballer  
  • 1997
    Sandra Samir, Egyptian tennis player  

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November 5

  • 1900
    Natalie Schafer, American actress (d. 1991)
  • 1913
    Guy Green, English-American director, screenwriter, and cinematographer (d. 2005)  
  • 1917
    Banarsi Das Gupta, Indian politician, 4th Chief Minister of Haryana (d. 2007)  
  • 1949
    Armin Shimerman, American actor  
  • 1955
    Nestor Serrano, American actor  

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November 6

  • 1938
    Branko Mikasinovich, Serbian journalist and scholar  
  • 1951
    Peter Althin, Swedish lawyer and politician  
  • 1953
    Frank Hanisch, German footballer  
  • 1976
    Mike Herrera, American singer-songwriter and bass player (MxPx and Mike Herrera's Tumbledown)  
  • 1981
    Cassie Bernall, American murder victim (d. 1999)  

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November 7

  • 1905
    William Alwyn, English composer, conductor, and educator (d. 1985)  
  • 1909
    Ruby Hurley, American activist (d. 1980)  
  • 1952
    Valeriy Zuyev, Ukrainian footballer and manager  
  • 1964
    Bonnie St. John, American skier and scholar  
  • 1971
    Jamie Drummond, Scottish-Canadian journalist and critic  

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November 8

  • 1885
    Tomoyuki Yamashita, Japanese general and politician, 4th Japanese Military Governors of the Philippines (d. 1946)
  • 1945
    Arnold Rosner, American composer (d. 2013)  
  • 1961
    Leif Garrett, American singer and actor  
  • 1974
    Seishi Kishimoto, Japanese illustrator  
  • 1985
    Jack Osbourne, English-American actor and producer  

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November 9

  • 1721
    Mark Akenside, English physician and poet (d. 1770)
  • 1731
    Benjamin Banneker, American farmer, surveyor, and author (d. 1806)
  • 1923
    Elizabeth Hawley, American-Nepali journalist  
  • 1936
    Mikhail Tal, Latvian-Russian chess player (d. 1992)  
  • 1955
    Bob Nault, Canadian politician  

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November 10

  • 1945
    Terence Davies, English actor, director, and screenwriter  
  • 1980
    Danilo Belić, Serbian footballer  
  • 1982
    Matt Pagnozzi, American baseball player  
  • 1982
    Shane Cansdell-Sherriff, Australian footballer  
  • 1985
    Cherno Samba, Gambian footballer  

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November 11

  • 1929
    Martin Jacomb, English lawyer, businessman, and academic  
  • 1936
    Susan Kohner, American actress  
  • 1959
    Lee Haney, American bodybuilder  
  • 1976
    Lisa Gleave, Australian-American model and actress  
  • 1989
    Adam Rippon, American figure skater  

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November 12

  • 1958
    Megan Mullally, American actress and singer  
  • 1959
    Vincent Irizarry, American actor  
  • 1967
    Mihhail Rõtšagov, Estonian chess player  
  • 1981
    Annika Becker, German pole vaulter  
  • 1991
    Gijs Van Hoecke, Belgian cyclist  

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November 13

  • 1881
    Carl Schenstrøm, Danish actor (d. 1942)
  • 1941
    Dack Rambo, American actor (d. 1994)  
  • 1957
    Stephen Baxter, English author  
  • 1967
    Juhi Chawla, Indian actress, singer, and producer, Miss India 1984  
  • 1974
    Indrek Zelinski, Estonian footballer and manager  

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November 14

  • 1939
    Wendy Carlos, American keyboard player and composer  
  • 1956
    Babette Babich, American philosopher, author, and scholar  
  • 1956
    Peter R. de Vries, Dutch journalist and producer  
  • 1959
    Paul McGann, English actor  
  • 1973
    Betsy Brandt, American actress  

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November 15

  • 1901
    Elmar Kaljot, Estonian footballer (d. 1969)  
  • 1957
    Kevin Eubanks, American guitarist and composer (Kevin Eubanks and The Tonight Show Band and The Tonight Show Band)  
  • 1960
    Susanne Lothar, German actress (d. 2012)  
  • 1976
    Brandon DiCamillo, American comedian, actor, and stuntman  
  • 1979
    Brooks Bollinger, American football player and coach  

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November 16

  • 1896
    Joan Lindsay, Australian author and critic (d. 1984)
  • 1929
    Peter Boizot, English businessman and philanthropist, founded PizzaExpress  
  • 1965
    Mika Aaltonen, Finnish footballer  
  • 1966
    Tahir Shah, English journalist, author, and explorer  
  • 1977
    Oksana Baiul, Ukrainian-American figure skater  

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November 17

  • 1911
    Christian Fouchet, French politician, French Minister of the Interior (d. 1974)  
  • 1942
    István Rosztóczy, Hungarian-Japanese microbiologist and physician (d. 1993)  
  • 1952
    Cyril Ramaphosa, South African businessman and politician, 7th Deputy President of South Africa  
  • 1975
    Kinga Baranowska, Polish mountaineer  
  • 1976
    Brandon Call, American actor  

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November 18

  • 1882
    Amelita Galli-Curci, Italian-American soprano (d. 1963)
  • 1897
    Patrick Blackett, Baron Blackett, English physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1974)
  • 1899
    Eugene Ormandy, Hungarian-American violinist and conductor (d. 1985)
  • 1943
    Leonardo Sandri, Argentinian cardinal  
  • 1960
    Elizabeth Perkins, American actress  

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November 19

  • 1843
    Richard Avenarius, German-Swiss philosopher and academic (d. 1896)
  • 1939
    Emil Constantinescu, Romanian academic and politician, 3rd President of Romania  
  • 1956
    Glynnis O'Connor, American actress  
  • 1956
    Peter Carter, English diplomat, British Ambassador to Estonia (d. 2014)  
  • 1965
    Jason Pierce, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Spiritualized and Spacemen 3)  

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November 20

  • 1851
    Margherita of Savoy (d. 1926)
  • 1941
    Oliver Sipple, American soldier and activist (d. 1989)  
  • 1981
    Carlos Boozer, American basketball player  
  • 1981
    Sam Fuld, American baseball player  
  • 1986
    Oliver Sykes, English singer-songwriter (Bring Me the Horizon)  

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November 21

  • 1916
    Jadu Nath Singh, Indian soldier (d. 1948)  
  • 1956
    Cherry Jones, American actress  
  • 1968
    Alex James, English singer-songwriter, bass player (Blur, Fat Les, Me Me Me, and WigWam)  
  • 1968
    Sean Schemmel, American voice actor, director, and screenwriter  
  • 1984
    Hope Dworaczyk, American model and television host  

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November 22

  • 1917
    Mick Shann, Australian public servant (d. 1988)  
  • 1936
    John Bird, English actor and screenwriter  
  • 1939
    Allen Garfield, American actor  
  • 1982
    Fiona Glascott, Irish actress  
  • 1982
    Steve Angello, Greek-Swedish DJ and producer (Swedish House Mafia)  

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November 23

  • 1804
    Franklin Pierce, American general, lawyer, and politician, 14th President of the United States (d. 1869)
  • 1951
    Maik Galakos, Greek footballer and manager  
  • 1955
    Ludovico Einaudi, Italian pianist and composer  
  • 1970
    Oded Fehr, Israeli-American actor  
  • 1987
    Ossi Kanervo, Finnish figure skater  

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November 24

  • 1887
    Raoul Paoli, French boxer and rower (d. 1960)
  • 1943
    Dave Bing, American basketball player and politician, 70th Mayor of Detroit  
  • 1950
    Stanley Livingston, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1965
    Shirley Henderson, Scottish actress and singer  
  • 1971
    Keith Primeau, Canadian-American ice hockey player and coach  

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November 25

  • 1874
    Joe Gans, American boxer (d. 1910)
  • 1945
    Patrick Nagel, American illustrator (d. 1984)  
  • 1971
    Magnus Arvedson, Swedish ice hockey player and coach  
  • 1986
    Katie Cassidy, American actress and singer  
  • 1990
    Rye Rye, American rapper, dancer, and actress  

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November 26

  • 1607
    John Harvard, English-American minister and philanthropist (d. 1638)
  • 1907
    Ruth Patrick, American botanist and limnologist (d. 2013)  
  • 1945
    Michael Omartian, American singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer (Rhythm Heritage)  
  • 1975
    DJ Khaled, American rapper and producer  
  • 1976
    Brian Schneider, American baseball player and manager  

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November 27

  • 1867
    Charles Koechlin, French composer and educator (d. 1950)
  • 1920
    Buster Merryfield, English actor (d. 1999)  
  • 1949
    Masanori Sekiya, Japanese race car driver  
  • 1971
    Kirk Acevedo, American actor  
  • 1975
    Rain Vessenberg, Estonian footballer  

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November 28

  • 1628
    John Bunyan, English preacher and author (d. 1688)
  • 1962
    Juan Carlos Rosero, Ecuadorian cyclist (d. 2013)  
  • 1965
    Erwin Mortier, Belgian author and poet  
  • 1974
    András Tölcséres, Hungarian footballer and manager  
  • 1978
    Brent Albright, American wrestler  

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November 29

  • 1908
    Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., American pastor and politician (d. 1972)  
  • 1930
    Vladimir Šenauer, Croatian footballer (d. 2013)  
  • 1970
    Frank Delgado, American keyboard player (Deftones)  
  • 1972
    Willie Bain, Scottish academic and politician  
  • 1985
    Evangelia Aravani, Greek model  

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November 30

  • 1498
    Andrés de Urdaneta, Spanish captain and explorer (d. 1568)
  • 1960
    Bob Tewksbury, American baseball player and coach  
  • 1966
    Wil Mara, American author  
  • 1973
    Ian Wynne, English canoe racer  
  • 1980
    Jamie Ashdown, English footballer  

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