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ARIES Sun Sign

Oct 2017 – Life takes a turn for the better this month, in almost every aspect of your life. Jupiter's departure from your relationship sector on the 11th October is going to take a lot of the pressure off you and your relationships, while at the same time leaving your relationships in safe hands. Mercury, planet of communication will remain in your relationship sector until the 17th October, giving you the resources to keep the communication lines open.

While Venus' return on the 14th October and Mars' on the 23rd October will ensure your relationships have all the support they need. But with Jupiter gone there is no longer the pressure and that will be felt on both the personal and professional fronts. You can finally enjoy all that you have worked for over the last 13 months.

At the same time, Jupiter's return to your financial sector on the 11th October opens the doors to an 18 month period of financial growth. This is also a passionate period of your life as well, full of expansive opportunities. The reason Jupiter's 13 month visit to your relationship sector was more challenging, was because you have Uranus and Eris in Aries and in opposition.

There is no opposition and no challenges for Jupiter when he returns to your financial sector, with nothing but support for the financial growth ahead. This is also a stunning professional month, with Venus and Mars giving work and job matters one final push, just as the tide turns on the career front.

Yet work/life balance will be important, with Ceres dialling up an especially good month for matters of the heart and all things romantic. However, there can never be too much of a good thing.

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Love & Romance

You have reached the most important month of your most important relationship year in over a decade, the point where the real journey begins. Jupiter's return to your relationship sector last September kicked off your biggest and most defining relationship year in over a decade. While this has been challenging at times whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, this has forever defined the way you approach and what you want from your relationships.

Jupiter will leave on the 11th October, not to return until 2028 and with that, a lot of the pressure will drop. Yet that pressure has been the push to move from what you have settled for in the past and onto demanding something much more authentic. This is also the point where the backup crew take over.

Jupiter has put all the ingredients on the table and now it's time to bring them all together and do the relationship gods have a team for you. As is always the case, the Sun will spend the first three weeks of October shining the solar spotlight on your relationships. You also have Mercury, planet of communication on board until the 17th October.

It is Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships' return on the 14th October that will really usher in the magic. She will be on board when a New Moon on the 20th October brings a chance to commit to your relationships, the future and the journey ahead. On the 23rd October the Sun will leave and Mars will arrive, bringing the passion and the warrior spirit needed to bring things home.

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Money & Finance

You can expect the focus to shift to your financial situation and money matters in October, for this is when the Sun will always return to your financial sector. And where the Sun leaves Venus and Mercury will always follow and this year Mars as well. However, this year it won't be the Sun leading the way, nor will you have to wait for his return on the 23rd October.

What I have been describing is the annual financial review that takes place at this time every year and while that will still happen, things kick off earlier and in a much more game changing way. It is not just the dynamics of this financial year that change on the 11th October, but the next three financial years and your whole financial experience.

For it's on the 11th October that Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion will return to your financial sector, for the first time since 2006. Until leaving in November 2018, Jupiter will usher in a period of financial growth and expansion, while making your financial situation and money matters one of the most powerful areas of your chart.

To start with Jupiter's return will be focused more on just taking everything in and the Sun still 12 days away, taking inventory. If Jupiter is here to promote financial growth, he needs to know what he is starting with and what resources he will need to bring in. This is the start of a journey that will continue long after Jupiter leaves and in fact right through to 2019.

Jupiter will get some help when Mercury returns on the 17th October, giving you the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game. By the time the Sun returns five days later, the solar spotlight should reveal a financial regrouping already well underway.

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Work & Career

The best word to describe Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos and your ruling planet is fearless. Mars gives you the courage to fight for what you want and to make things happen. And when he returns to your work sector, which he does once every two years, he brings that fearless and warrior energy into play here.

This is just one of the reasons why these are often the busiest six weeks in a two year period, for you're able to take a fearless approach to making things happen and getting things done. This month Mars is a planet on a mission, for when he leaves your work sector on the 23rd October he not only wraps up his last visit until 2019, but all the planetary activity on the work front for the year.

The Sun and Mercury both left last month, but with Venus here until the 14th October, this makes this the most potentially successful and one of the best months of the year on the job front. However, while Venus and Mars are bringing all the planetary activity on the work front to a close for the year, they don't see this as an ending.

This is more a transition, from work and job matters taking the lead and onto a more career driven period. Pluto only ended his five month retrograde period in your career sector late last month. It was during those months in retrograde motion that work and job matters carried the ball and kept your professional year in play.

Now as work and job matters finish their turn, career matters are ready to step into play again. Everything on the work front is a stepping stone to what is now set to evolve on the career front. And spoiler alert, it's big, especially from December onwards.

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  • April 9, 1987 – Jesse McCartney, American singer-songwriter and actor (Dream Street)
  • March 27, 1964 – Kad Merad, Algerian-French actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
  • April 15, 1985 – Diana Zubiri, Filipino actress
  • April 5, 1972 – Pat Green, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • April 16, 1933 – Ike Pappas, American journalist and actor (d. 2008)
  • April 9, 1999 – Isaac Hempstead-Wright, English actor
  • April 20, 1959 – Clint Howard, American actor and producer
  • April 9, 1986 – Brian Larsen, American singer-songwriter and producer
  • April 11, 1904 – Kundan Lal Saigal, Indian singer and actor (d. 1947)

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