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♑ Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


Sep 18 - Sep 24, 2017 – Dear Goat, Venus has spent a month in a very serious and deeply passionate part of your zodiac and this Thursday she throws in the towel as she moves to your adventure zone for a flit in the exotic quarter. You are more inclined to look at the big picture now and desire to mingle with foreign cultures and expand your universe instead of waste your focus on issues of emotional intensity.

You may long to spread a world map out on the table and tag your next exotic travel destination. So why wait Capricorn? Make sure that you do this on Wednesday when the new Moon graces this part of your zodiac and offers you the chance for a fresh start. The Sun soon moves signs and on Saturday your professional life receives a welcomed boost of luck from this ego enhancing friend.

Your reputation not only means a lot to you right now but others admire and compliment you on your professional progress, especially those in authority, as you tend to take on more responsibility and shine in your career.

Love & Romance

As Venus the goddess of love spends her last few days in your passion zone and prepares to move off to a more carefree part of your zodiac, you too have been winding down on the romance field. There is however one last shout, and it's from Venus as she picks up the energising light from the Moon on Monday and also some independent vibes from Uranus.

As Venus is moving away from drama and intensity, it is also your desire to expand your thought processes in new and broader directions. Before that happens though, you could find that a relationship receives a burst of light and a new zest for life, leaving you breathlessly enthused.

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Money & Finance

Dear Goat, with the light of the Moon traveling through your shared resource zone on Monday and affording you the chance for a fresh start in this sector due to Wednesday's new Moon, your money channels are open when it comes to your joint investments. If you have any shared assets with a partner, it is wise to review them now so that you can flush out any future opportunity for financial stimulation and monetary returns.

Venus spends her last days in this part of your zodiac before her exit on Thursday to a more care free sector, but before she does, she makes a very beneficial trine to Uranus that helps to impart on you a forward thinking mode within the realms of financial partnerships.

Work & Career

Dear Goat, you have the light of the Moon illuminating your house of shared resources on Monday and connecting very beneficially with structural Saturn to make sure that you are a committed business partner. Venus is spending her last days in this part of your zodiac and she too is enriched by this light, which encourages her to give her all when it comes to relationships with those that you have joint investments with.

It is an excellent time to look over your investment portfolio and catch up with business partners to make sure that everything is running to its utmost potential. You could find that once the Moon, who is skipping along in her monthly cycle, reaches your professional zone on Thursday and ignites expansive Jupiter within this arena, you may receive some long awaited and favourable business news with regards to a dividend from one of these investments.

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