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♑ Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


Dec 11 - Dec 17, 2017 – Dear Goat, over the last month you have had the chance to spend some time in quiet contemplation and examine your past for answers, while Mercury, the thinking planet, has passed through your psychological zone, which is where your secret thoughts reside. This week Mercury starts to move backwards over this area again in retrograde motion, and this time you will be waiting for everything to fall into place.

Don't be hasty though, this may not happen overnight, as quite a bit of restructuring needs to take place first. During the week Mercury touches base with both the Sun and Venus, which adds cooperation and clarity to your ruminations, and sets the stage for the next fortnight of realisation. Listen closely to your intuition at this time, it is your trusted friend and will offer you some surprising wisdom if you concede.

You have the added advantage of Mars entering your goals section on Monday, which gives you courage, and the initiative to set the wheels in motion for change. During Mars' two month stay in this part of your zodiac, it will become very apparent to you that no man is an island, and if we want to achieve we need the help and cooperation of friends and teams.

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Love & Romance

Monday marks the point where Venus, planet of love moves into her final two weeks in a nostalgic part of your chart. Before returning to your romantic sector on Christmas Day, Venus is taking your heart on a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane which is a lot more important this year. This is something that Venus does each year before returning to Capricorn, with a chance to revisit old ghosts, old memories and generally look back at where you've been.

This is part of the process of letting the past go, but also recapturing anything missed or forgotten that you want to take with you into the future. This is in preparation for Venus' return to Capricorn and the start of a new cycle, one that won't run its course until early 2019. Yet with major new romantic developments next year, Venus will be putting even more effort into all aspect of this annual mission.

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Money & Finance

There are some important changes on the financial and income fronts this week, but in a way that is both subtle and with a wider impact. With the lunar nodes in your two money houses, the North Node on the financial front and the South Node on the income front have worked to keep both on track, but also to maintain a balance between money coming in and money going out.

That balance has been harder because while you have had planetary activity on the financial front since July, there has been no planetary activity on the income front since the lunar nodes returned in May. That will all change by the end of the week, with Juno's return to your income sector on Sunday.

Coincidently Ceres turns retrograde in your financial sector just hours later, sending a message to income forces that it is their turn.

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Work & Career

When the last planet leaves an area of your chart, it is not until the Moon makes its next visit that you get a chance to tie up loose ends and make sense of the journey, no matter how long or short. As the Moon only returns to an area of your chart every four weeks, depending on when the Moon last moved through, this can leave things up in the air for nearly four weeks.

That is not the case on the career front for it is on Monday, just two days after Mars' departure on Saturday that the Moon returns in order to tie up loose ends. The Moon's last visit since Mars not only left, but wrapped up nearly 16 months of planetary activity, is also the Moon's last visit for the year.

The Moon will move through during the first half of the week, making it important to have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, listening to your professional instincts.

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