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♊ Gemini Monthly Horoscope


Sep 2017 – As Saturn spends his first full month in direct motion in your relationship sector and also moves into the final months of a three year relationship boot camp, he is surrounded by support. Not only that, he is surrounded by the right kind of support. While there has been support for friendship and relationship building since Saturn returned in 2014, communication support began in May.

In Saturn's final months in retrograde motion this was a chance to give the past and unsaid words a voice. That was when the Sun, Mercury and Mars were the planets pushing things on the communication front, planets that can help you get into and resolve old relationship issues. Venus, not wanting to get her hands dirty, didn't want a bar of that and didn't return to your communication sector until just hours after Saturn turned direct.

Even as the planets leave your communication sector more will return to take their place, with support from the communication gods for the rest of Saturn's stay and beyond. This comes during what is also an important month for matters of the heart, with lucky Jupiter spending his last full month in your romantic sector.

However, support is on the way. Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion won't even return until after Jupiter leaves, so the best is still to come. As always, September is an important month for home and family matters, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of September in your home and family sector.

Yet even after that, home will be where the heart is right through to October.

Love & Romance

There are two camps in play this month, one surrounding the love gods and the other the relationship gods, with September an important month on both fronts. For September is not only Saturn's first full month in direct motion in your relationship sector, but Jupiter's last full month in your romantic sector for another 11 years.

Saturn only turned direct late last month, ending his last retrograde phase in your relationship sector for another 28 years. Having had a chance to revisit the past, this has shifted all the relationship focus onto the future. This has been a major turning point for your relationships, with a huge amount of support from the communication gods.

This includes Mars in your communication sector until the 5th September, Venus until the 20th September and even Mercury retrograding back for a double dip visit from the 1st September to the 10th September. With the planets of passion, love and communication on board, this is the kind of support that a relationship turnaround needs.

In the meantime, Jupiter might be spending his last full month in your romantic sector, but support for the follow on will start arriving this month. The Sun will return on the 23rd September, Mercury on the 30th September and Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion next month. Jupiter's job in his final month is to bulldoze a path for the other planets to follow.

This romantic push will continue through to December.

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Money & Finance

September is usually the month when money matters get to take their power back and prepare for a turnaround. For Pluto, in your financial sector from 2008 to 2024, the middle months of each year are to be tolerated. Pluto not only spends from April to September of each year in retrograde motion, July is always the midway point of the most active months of the year for income matters.

Pluto usually ignores income forces and waits for them to pass. And he doesn't usually have to wait long. Last year it look just six weeks for all the planets to move through your income sector and it was over by the 23rd July. With Pluto not turning direct until late July, this gave Pluto over two months to quietly get on with his retrograde phase and to bring the focus back onto money matters.

And last year wasn't unique, with the norm. No wonder that Pluto isn't happy this year. Not only is there still planetary activity in your income sector as you move into September, it has been active since early June. Not only that, this year with Juno in your financial sector you have twice the number of planets in your financial sector in a year when you also had twice the number of planets in your income sector.

This meant twice the amount of oppositions. Those are over, but until Ceres leaves your income sector on the 24th September, Pluto still has to compromise and share the money gods' attention. With Pluto turning direct on the 29th September, he has just five days uninterrupted retrograde phase, without activity on the income front.

But even then, with Juno having turned direct in your financial sector late last month, his final weeks in retrograde motion also have eyes on the road ahead.

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Work & Career

As much as this might be a fairly low key professional month, the Moon's visits to your two professional houses will be the exception. Not only will they punch well above their weight, they'll help anchor the rest of your professional year. A tall order for lunar vibes that happen once every four weeks, but as I said, they punch well above their weight.

The first is the Moon's visit to your career sector from the 5th September to the 8th September. As always, this is the Moon's chance to check in with Neptune and Chiron, in the middle stage of their retrograde periods. As important as the intuitive read on career matters this brings, is the Full Moon this will create on the 6th September.

Falling at the halfway point between the Sun's last visit and the next and at the halfway point in Neptune and Chiron's retrograde phase, this will be a catalyst for anything that has been building behind the scenes. On paper the Moon's visit to your work sector from the 23rd September to the 25th September is a lot less dramatic.

There will be no Full Moon, there are no planets for the Moon to connect with and this should be and is an ordinary monthly update. The difference this time is less the messenger and more the message, making it less about what the Moon may or may not trigger, but the valuable clues, hunches and insights it will bring.

For this is the Moon's last visit to your work sector before Jupiter returns early next month, kicking off your most expansive year for job growth in over a decade.

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