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♊ Gemini Monthly Horoscope


Dec 2017 – This month marks the start of a shift away from the more personal focus of recent years. Until October you had Jupiter in your romantic and creative sector since September 2016 and until he leaves on the 9th December, Mars is still making matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative a priority.

At the same time you have had Saturn in your relationship sector since December 2014, with his departure on the 20th December bringing a three year relationship boot camp to a close. While Jupiter left a more romantically charged part of your chart and returned to your work sector in October, the transition won't be complete until Mars returns on the 9th December.

Yet just as the transition to focus on work and job matters that will dominate 2018 is coming to an end, the second major transition begins. This transition is away from the relationship focus of the last three years and onto a new focus on your financial situation and money matters. This is a transition that doesn't even begin until Saturn leaves your relationship sector and returns to your financial sector on the 20th December, beginning a new three year journey towards taking your financial power back.

Yet this transition will take several months. While the Sun will follow Saturn on the 22nd December and Venus on the 25th December, both shifting their focus away from your relationships and onto money matters, it will take Mars until March to bring all planetary activity on the relationship front to a close.

It is not until just before Christmas that this transition even begins with not just the Sun, Venus and Saturn putting all their focus on your relationships for the majority of the month, but Mercury as well.

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Love & Romance

Ever since Jupiter returned to your romantic sector in September 2016 there has not only been continuous planetary activity but a friendly rivalry between romantic and relationship forces. Even when Jupiter left in early October and things started to become more serious on the relationship front, romantic forces refused to drop back and only became more impassioned from late October.

In a massively important month for relationship matters, it is not that romantic matters are getting in the way and more that they finally run their course with perfect timing. Yet until leaving your romantic sector on the 9th December, Mars will be doing his best to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit, making sure that the spirit of romance is robust as possible.

Mars' aim is to ensure that you can continue without having the love gods on call 24/7. While you want to keep the romantic flame and Mars' romantic passions and fighting spirit alive, this is when the focus really shifts to your relationships. All hands are on deck as you move into the final weeks of a three year relationship boot camp, one that will come to an end when Saturn finally leaves your relationship sector on the 20th December.

With the Sun and Mercury, the planet of communication already on board and Venus returning on the 1st December, you have all the resources needed to take Saturn's final weeks seriously. You even have Mercury, the planet of communication in retrograde motion here from the 3rd December to the 23rd December.

Mercury is on hand to not only ensure the communication lines are open but the past and unsaid words as well. The Sun, Saturn, and Venus will all be gone by Christmas, with Mercury staying on over the New Year, to keep the communication lines open and the wheels moving.

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Money & Finance

To start with it is business as usual, which means nothing happening on the income front and money matters as a whole just ticking over. This was always going to change in December, with the Sun always returning to your financial sector in the days leading up to Christmas and always ending and starting each year here.

Yet apart from that, in the early part of the month, there is nothing to suggest that this year will be any different. Nor is there anything to suggest the impact the Moon's return to your income sector will have. It all comes down to timing, with the Moon making its last visit to your income sector from the 5th December to the 7th December.

This comes at a critical point of the month for work and job matters, with Venus leaving your work sector on the 1st December and Mars returning on the 9th December. With lucky Jupiter temporarily on his own during the eight years in between and as the Moon is taking a practice run ahead of a Full Moon in the New Year, this could do more than just sharpen your nose for money.

The major shift, however, comes on the 20th December, when Saturn returns to your financial sector for the first time since 1991. This marks the start of a three year financial boot camp, one that will give you the power to move mountains if you have to. With Saturn teaming up with Pluto for the first time here in our lifetime, you'll have the power to create the kind of change you may have been contemplating for years.

By the time the Sun returns on the 22nd December and Venus on the 25th December, a powerful new financial journey will be underway.

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Work & Career

While it is not uncommon to still have planetary activity in your work sector at this time of year, like Venus' departure on the 1st December, it is because they are wrapping up their annual visit. However, it won't be time to take your work hat off just yet and in fact, you won't get a chance to do that until early 2019.

For with Jupiter still in his early months in your work sector, this is just the start of the real journey and in reality, not even that. The start of the real journey will come when Jupiter is on his own and the push to gain as much traction and to get as many balls in the air as possible is over. And you won't reach that stage until later next month.

You can either blame or thank Mars for the fact that you won't get to take your work hat off this year, with a busy end to this year and a stunning start to your 2018 professional year. Just when things should be dialling back, Mars' return to your work sector on the 9th December changes everything.

Mars returns once every two years, kicking off what will always be the busiest weeks of any year. This time, with Mars returning on the 9th December and not leaving until the 27th January, his seven week visit will span the end of one professional year and the start of the next. Like the other planets that have moved through since Jupiter returned, this is Mars' first encounter with Jupiter here since 2006.

However, unlike the other planets, Mars has not managed to catch up and align with Jupiter. This time, when they align in the early days of 2018, it will be for the first time here in 35 years. While this means a busy end to the year, this is a massive auspicious run up to the start of your 2018 professional year.

This does mean you will have to pace yourself, especially from the 9th December onwards.

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  • June 1, 1925 – Hazel Dickens, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2011)
  • June 21, 1934 – Maggie Jones, English actress (d. 2009)
  • June 16, 1978 – Daniel Brühl, Spanish-German actor
  • June 15, 1957 – Seppo Pääkkönen, Finnish actor

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