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♊ Gemini Yearly Horoscope


Year 2018 Overview – A much more serious you is set to develop this year Gemini. A real transformation in the way you view life and even view yourself, can take place. This could also include moving home, merging your resources with another person, falling deeply in love or conversely asserting your independence and leaving an unsatisfactory tie.

Why all the intensity? Well, it's because there's a real clustering of energy in the part of your horoscope to do with ends and beginnings. This is known as the 8th Solar House, and it is one of the most passionate parts of the zodiac. But also, there is energy activating the more physical side of life, and you're going to be working very hard this year and getting fitter, stronger and much more organised about the way you approach your whole existence.

What you are learning can inform some of the decisions you make, be it around health, diet, fitness, as much as work and employment, and even potentially starting your own enterprise. But your communication skills are still going to be vitally important to the process. And this year's Eclipses are giving you fantastic support, especially in the second half of the year to demonstrate just how talented and flexible you can be.

Keep a bag packed at all times, because you are going to be on the move a great deal more, and it can help you to open up to how you think about life in a wonderful way. Perhaps the most delightful change occurs on 11th November. For then Jupiter, the planet of fortune enters your sector of relationships, where it will sparkle for thirteen months!

Love & Romance

The Partial Solar Eclipse of the 15th of February is particularly significant, as it sees the Sun and the Moon bonding with your ruling planet Mercury, and the next six months can be fantastic for you to revitalise your whole approach to romance. You tend not to have a very high attention span Gemini, and this influence is going to underline this and give you an even greater desire to travel, embrace new cultures, enjoy the arts and meet or spend time with anyone who has a much more adventurous vibe.

Even if you're someone who tends to be more of a home lover, stepping out into this new brave vista can send a shiver of excitement down your spine. Yet despite this, 2018 is also going to have a great deal of influences around your sector of commitment, and it's possible that you could find yourself bonding with someone new and very sincere, taking an existing relationship to the next level or if you're in an unfulfilling situation, looking to break free and create more liberation.

And the great thing that you're going to have in your locker this year, is that you're going to be prepared to work very hard at whatever you decide to do. Equally, with Jupiter the planet of fortune, moving into your sector of relationships on the 9th of November, some truly happy news can bring the curtain down on what will be a fascinating year for you.

But the thing that you're really going to appreciate much more this year is the depth of a truly close and intimate involvement, over being such a free spirit Gemini.

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Famous Gemini Personalities

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  • June 10, 1964 – Vincent Pérez, Swiss actor and director
  • June 8, 1929 – Gastone Moschin, Italian actor
  • May 28, 1974 – Romain Duris, French actor and singer
  • June 3, 1962 – David Cole, American DJ, producer, and songwriter (C+C Music Factory)
  • June 2, 1968 – Jason Falkner, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Jellyfish, The Grays, and The Three O'Clock)
  • June 11, 1983 – Josh Ramsay, Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Marianas Trench)
  • June 7, 1984 – Jennyfer Jewell, English-New Zealand actress and singer
  • June 7, 1965 – Emanuela Pacotto, Italian actress
  • June 16, 1907 – Jack Albertson, American actor and singer (d. 1981)
  • June 5, 1974 – Nina Conti, English ventriloquist and actress

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