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LEO Sun Sign

Year 2018 Overview – Practicalities are much to the fore as this year begins, and with Saturn, the planet of structure, back in this location for the first time in 25 years, the nuts and bolts issues of life are going to require some serious attention. See this as a very positive opportunity, one which can help you to get your existence running that much more smoothly, and to free up time for the things that you are seriously good at.

The Total Lunar Eclipse of the 31st of January in Leo does suggest that whatever you change, you need to be very much hands-on, or you could become a little bit bored or restless. Now, the potential for this around your work is going to grow exponentially from the middle of May through to early November.

And if you are in a role, which doesn't truly stretch you, you may yearn for something new and completely different. But sometimes Leo, you're at your best when you're co-operating closely with another person. And the Partial Solar Eclipses of this year, underscores this, so look out for anyone all through the year who you can interact with and share your input.

This could be a creative partnership or it may be an entrepreneurial one. Romantically, Venus starts the year in a very practical location, but it ends in a very sensitive one, and the last quarter of 2018 can see you yearning for a more nurturing and gentle alliance. Energy-wise, your emotional and physical being can be strengthened, but you are also asked to be that much more virtuous in what you eat and drink.

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Love & Romance

You can be one of the most charismatic members of the zodiac Leo, and this year's lunations are definitely going to give you a chance to prove it. Of course, no person is an island and your romantic prospects are going to come about best of all for you where you can enter into a real spirit of give-and-take and mutual cooperation.

Just try to stay mindful of this all through the year. If you're in a committed relationship, a fairer share of domestic chores might not sound like a particularly sexy concept, but it's one which could keep a degree of romantic harmony intact. Then again, if you're working flat-out, look to create the time with a partner to ensure that the spark between you stays kindled.

You also may find yourself in a more homey frame of mind at times, which is not to say that you have to have dinner by candlelight seven days a week, but if you can create those special moments of magic or little thoughtful gestures, it can all help to keep the flame burning. April could be a time when work pressures and even your energy, could be a little bit compromised.

Mind, your listening skills are really going to be important in the first half of this year too, and then it's going to be your conversational talent which will see you sparkle in the second half of 2018. If you're solo, someone you meet through your family, your locality, a small business or a mutual contact can all prove fortunate.

This is also a year when you can show a much more sensitive side of your nature, and it can bring more warmth into a close tie.

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