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♎ Libra Yearly Horoscope

LIBRA Sun Sign

Year 2018 Overview – The Eclipses in 2018 give you a wonderful opportunity to boost your social profile, and be much more self expressive, and to interact with others in the most bubbly and vibrant of ways. Linking up with people in this manner can also be good for you financially, because you are going to have the happy knack of being able to turn your ideas into ways in which you can improve your income, and especially in more social or people orientated ways.

This could also be a year when you find that your sweet tooth does get the upper hand, and your love of the good things in life is certain to flourish. But with such a large emphasis on your home, emotional and family sectors, feeling comfortable in your environment or in your very closest relationships, is also going to be at the root of this year's journey.

Why? Well, your ruler Venus combines with the Sun at the turn of the year, but also Saturn has moved into the 4th Solar House, and in this location the planet of structure is joining with the planet of change Pluto, which has been in Capricorn since 2008. So it really is very possible that where you live or how you live there could change at some point this year.

This could see you put down deeper roots in an existing location, or move to somewhere where you feel that you would be more settled. There could also be a new addition to the family, or if someone in your clan is in their later years, you can find yourself providing sterling support. Financially, very positive opportunities can come to pass in the last quarter of the year.

Love & Romance

We'd all like to have a partner who is tremendously sensitive to our needs and focused on nurturing us wherever possible. Of course being an air sign, you might also need some space, and definitely some intellectual stimulation and debating can actually add to your senses and sexual attraction, rather than diminish it.

You may be surprised about where you are at the start of this year Libra, and any small gesture of kindness can just seem to really reassure you, and help to strike just the right tone of what you need. But by mid-January, things are changing and you're going to be much more outgoing, and the bubbly side of your nature can see you emerge from any wintry seclusion you may have needed, and into a much more playful mode.

Whether hitched or single - getting together in more social situations will definitely give you a spark. This is going to be true on the back of both the Total Lunar Eclipse of late January, and the Partial Solar Eclipse of mid-February. The second of these is really going to give you a fab opportunity to flirt, to interact and to be generally romantically playful for the next six months.

There may be some more difficult or tricky family pressures in April, but by mid-May you can find yourself yearning for the type of relationship which surprises you, challenges you and in some ways, changes you all at once. August's Eclipse, can really hit the mark for you, forging as it does a link with your ruler Venus, and the last quarter of 2018 can be supremely playful, but also sultry.

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