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Year 2018 Overview – This can be such an exciting year for you Pisces, a time when you can start to enjoy the benefits of all the hard work that you've invested over the last few years in your career and worldly interactions. It's true that your responsibilities may have increased, but equally, you can start to now focus your thoughts on new, long-term aspirations and hopes.

Travel, group activities and friendships are all set to feature more prominently. But as much as you can shake things up and create a much more exciting existence, it is also going to be important to ensure you do have some moments of complete quiet and reflection. Good planning will help you to create the time management which allows you to enjoy more pleasurable strands, but also feed the more meditative side of your nature.

But gloriously, interactions with people overseas or from completely different cultures can prove to be very fortunate for you. Long-distance travel, interaction with higher education in some way, or learning a new language or developing a new philosophical outlook, are all possible. Romantically, you can also find yourself fascinated by someone who is different in some way.

You need to be stimulated, beyond your previous experiences. More of the same old, same old, will rather pale into insignificance. And particularly from mid-May to November, all sorts of fresh new possibilities, and some that can seem to come out of the blue, can make this such an invigorating time.

Technology can also change your existence, beyond what may have been imaginable only recently.

Love & Romance

Of all the lovers in the zodiac Pisces, you are probably the most idealistic and giving, when you are really smitten. So at the very start of this year, you will experience a unique planetary interface, one that can see your hopes run particularly high. And this is a great thing to embrace. The one thing this can do is to make you circumspect about the type of person you would get involved with.

Not just anyone, it has to have true meaning. But if you are in a relationship which is not quite producing what you want, all this could set up a profound sense of disappointment, and this may become something of a trap. You're going to be greatly affected by your sixth sense this year, and it is therefore, going to be vitally important to tune into this.

Listening to our inner voice is not always easy, and you may find that as Uranus passes into the most vibrant part of your situation in mid-May for six months, a mixture of this and an ability to chat away to lots of different types of people, can guide you in exactly the right direction, whether you're solo or to make the correct moves if you are settled.

What you could do is crave for new experiences, and meeting someone on a holiday is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility, or connecting with someone from a completely different culture. September, October and December can be months where you earnestly desire that truly special person. Just do not accept second best.

Hold with the hope and expectation that the year 2018 begins with for you.

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Famous Pisces Personalities

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  • March 3, 1924 – Lys Assia, Swiss singer and dancer
  • March 5, 1978 – Kimberly McCullough, American actress, singer, and dancer
  • March 4, 1993 – Jenna Boyd, American actress
  • February 20, 1973 – Kimberley Davies, Australian actress
  • March 16, 1951 – Ray Benson, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Asleep at the Wheel)
  • February 25, 1974 – Kevin Skinner, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • March 12, 1975 – Kéllé Bryan, English singer-songwriter and actress (Eternal)
  • March 18, 1989 – Paul Marc Rousseau, Canadian guitarist and producer (Silverstein)
  • March 11, 1947 – Mark Stein, American singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Vanilla Fudge)
  • February 20, 1936 – Marj Dusay, American actress

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