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Year 2018 Overview – You can burst into the New Year with a real sense of renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Your energy can be especially high, and both your ruling planets of Mars and Pluto, are brilliantly placed. Sometimes you can be a little reticent in the way you communicate with others, but anything you feel passionate about, really has to come to the fore.

Your determination to press beyond any barriers or limitations is going to be incredible. All this can give you a lot more physical vitality, and if you do find yourself getting frustrated when those inevitable glitches come along, you may find that increasing your level of activities will help you to burn off any excess energy.

There could be some of this late in March and all through April. Not everybody is necessarily going to share your vision or buy into the ideas that you're developing, and there could be a little bit of a battle of wills during this period. Also, Saturn goes into a retrograde in April which will last for five and a half months, and you may find that some people challenge some of your ideas, views and beliefs more readily than before.

With Uranus moving into your sector of relationships in mid-May, the following six months can see you much more restless - if you're not fulfilled romantically. Then again, it could bring somebody into your orbit who is really exciting and different. The Eclipses this year ask you to be mindful of emotional issues in the first six months, and professional ones in the last half of the year.

A real piece of fortune can occur for you in the autumn Scorpio.

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Love & Romance

With your ruler Mars collaborating with the planet of fortune Jupiter as 2018 dawns, and the latter staying with you until 8th November, as well as Venus, the planet of love and attraction, travelling through your sign in September, October and December, this truly can be a pivotal year romantically.

With a collection of energy in your 3rd Solar House, including your modern ruler Pluto, how you think, speak and even interact in love is going to be subject to some powerful changes, but it can be for the best. Sometimes without even realising it, we can become ingrained in set patterns and attitudes, but the planets are asking you to push outside of this to be more dynamic.

This may mean that there can be some big shifts, but the shifts can be entirely good for you if it helps you to get the kind of love relationship that you need for the person you are now, not how you used to be many Moons ago. So, conditioning that was put into you at a very young age is probably ripe for an upgrade.

You can also radically change the way you look, and this could see you strutting your stuff in a much more confident and self assured way, and with a much more modern take on your personal presentation. An introduction through a sibling or someone in your locality is also possible, and technology can have a role to play too.

There may be some stops and starts, but once Uranus moves into your opposite sign in mid-May, life really is never going to be the same again. Enjoy the journey, for it's set to be absolutely thrilling.

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