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♉ Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Nov 2017 – The spotlight will always be on your relationships at this time of year, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of November in your relationship sector. Yet for the first time in over a decade, Jupiter is here as well, having returned 12 days before the Sun last month. The Sun will leave on the 22nd November and Mercury, who also starts the month here, will leave on the 6th November.

Yet even Venus, who returns on the 8th November and Mars, who returns early next month, are just passing through. These are the planets that have returned to support both the Sun's annual relationship update and the start of your most important relationship year in over a decade. At this stage, it is all good news and that will remain the case for the majority of Jupiter's 13 month visit.

A Full Moon in Taurus on the 4th November might create some personal and/or relationship tension. However, this is the Full Moon that falls at this time every year and is checked to ensure that your own needs aren't be ignored. This also brings you to the halfway point of this current solar year, with a chance for some personal checks and balances.

In the meantime, while Jupiter's departure from your work sector wrapped up his 13 month visit there, it is only this month that Venus and Mars are able to exploit and explore all the potential created. This is also an important month for money matters, with a need to have your head in the game from the 6th November.

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Love & Romance

It was late last month that Mars' departure from your romantic sector brought all planetary activity on the romantic front to a close. But not before he and the planets that moved through before him had done their best to give matters of the heart as much support as possible. Venus and Mars even aligned here last month, with the planets of love and passion having the last say in defining what you want from love moving forward.

But as they say, as one door closes another opens, even though there is still plenty of romantic sentiment and momentum. It is not that the spirit of romance has gone anywhere, just that you no longer have any planets fuelling this. The focus has instead shifted to your relationships, where there is a mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary.

The ordinary is that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in your relationship sector, shining the solar spotlight on your relationships. Starting the month with Mercury, planet of communication on board is typical for this time of year as well. However, it has been over a decade since lucky Jupiter was here, in what is the first full month of his 13 month journey.

This is the start of a major new relationship journey and your most important relationship year in over a decade. Before leaving on the 6th November, Mercury will do all he can to ensure the communication lines are open, while until leaving on the 22nd November the Sun will keep the solar spotlight on your relationships.

The real magic begins when Venus returns on the 8th November, with the planets of love and luck meeting up here for the first time in over a decade.

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Money & Finance

A long, three year financial boot camp is coming to a close, with November the month that marks the beginning of the end. Saturn has been on his own for the whole of 2017, but while he has been the only planet in your financial sector he has had a lot of outside help. Especially form Uranus, in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart.

Uranus is a radical free thinker who has been firing up your imagination and triggering Eureka moments since 2010, but even though Saturn returned to your financial sector in December 2014, it was only this year that they came together. By the time they move into an exact positive aspect from the 5th November to the 15th November, it will be for the third time in 11 months.

This will bring Uranus's imagination and Eureka moments together with Saturn's pragmatic approach to money matters. This will make it easier to think outside the square while boosting your financial confidence, instincts and imagination. While Saturn won't leave until the 20th December, the beginning of the end comes when Mercury returns on the 6th November.

Mercury will usually return in November, though not usually until later in the month, with the Sun who returns on the 22nd November. Fortunately for you that is not the case, because returning this early means he'll have to wait for the Sun, forcing him to turn retrograde next month. This will turn what should be a 15 day chance to get your head in the game, while giving you the smart head for money needed to make smart financial choices, decisions and plans into a two month visit.

A visit that will span some of the most critical and defining financial months in decades.

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Work & Career

All eyes are on Venus and Mars this month, as they finally wrap up all planetary activity on the job front, for the first time since Jupiter returned last September. Jupiter's departure earlier last month brought his 13 month visit to a close, a visit that has laid down the foundations for job growth for years to come.

Jupiter also forced you to confront a need for balance and for working smarter. The Sun's departure later last month did the same, with any work tension and job pressure dropping dramatically when he left on the 23rd October. Venus and Mars don't have those issues, with just a few hiccups in the early and later days of the month.

Yet as both clash with forces that demand time out, they are unlikely to get much argument. Both Venus and Mars are committed to seizing opportunities and not waste time watching you work yourself into the ground. However, this is still a reminder that is all about knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off.

Until she leaves on the 8th November, Venus' focus in on fuelling your job confidence, attracting opportunities and as the planet of money, steering things in a lucrative direction. Mars will stay on until the 9th December, so will be here when the Moon moves through your work sector from the 14th November to the 16th November.

With Mars in his final weeks by then, this will give you the intuitive read on work and job matters needed to bring things home. Both Venus and Mars will enjoy the support of the South Node, which is providing a clear sense of professional direction. This will help keep work and job matters on track.

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  • May 7, 1951 – Robert Hegyes, American actor and director (d. 2012)
  • May 5, 1958 – Aurélien Recoing, French actor
  • May 12, 1948 – Steve Winwood, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, and Blind Faith)

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