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♍ Virgo Yearly Horoscope

VIRGO Sun Sign

Year 2018 Overview – You can find yourself a lot more active this year Virgo, and even if you're someone who prides yourself on the level of interests and creative strands you are already involved with, the chances are many more are on their way. Being ruled by the planet Mercury, communication is always important to you, and especially if you can see something tangible come from this.

But this can play out in different ways in 2018, with an increased interest in writing, texting or travelling from place to place, with lots of short visits on the astral cards. But this is also a year when you can find greater desire to express your individuality. You're often the person who keeps everything together for everyone else, providing the glue and being very supportive, but now you're going to want to demonstrate the full range of your talents.

This extra verve and vibrancy that you're going to be displaying can also work wonders for your love life. With a much greater self-confidence about the way you communicate with others, new people can gravitate towards you. Yet Uranus is going to spend six months of this year in a much more adventurous part of your situation, one which can urge you to push beyond any previous boundaries you may have had.

Some radical new ideas can come into play, or you may find yourself heading off to some exotic locations. Fresh ideas on health, fitness and diet, and also the type of roles that you can work in, can also emerge. But all in all, this can be a year of fantastic opportunities, growth and also fun.

Love & Romance

Your zodiac sign Virgo, is based on the concept of purity, but this is a year when you're really being asked to put the needs of others a little more to one side, and to focus on a divine opportunity to show that you can be passionate, charming, chatty and great fun to be with. In fact, your personality-power is going to be higher this year than for many a Moon.

But what this also does is up the ante when it comes to your romantic prospects, because if you really take this and yourself seriously, you can shoot for the stars. But it does mean you may have to work hard on any part of yourself where you feel you are less deserving of true romantic fulfilment. And in an ongoing relationship, with Saturn influential, you may find that there could be some areas that you need to work a little harder on.

But with Jupiter sparkling magnificently in your sector of communication for much of the year, your enthusiasm can be a great asset when it comes to discussing any little snags and improving things between you and yours. From mid-May, you can also be more experimental in your approach, this just means it's going to give you the push to go outside of your comfort zone, be a bit more daring and to embrace the person and the love life you really need.

Also make sure that you get plenty of rest this year. Equally, avoid being too self-sacrificing to the point that a partner may take you for granted. If you are single, don't be surprised if someone who rather creeps up on your senses, ends up being so much more important.

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