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Love Match Score

Birthday Compatibility Score: -31

Bill born May 3, 1977
Taurus ♉

Lynn born May 12, 1980
Taurus ♉

Scoring Overview

A negative test score indicates discord in the relationship. The couple might be physically attracted to each other, but it is going to be rough. There might be a lot of disagreements and may even harm each other. The association will need many adjustments for it to work. Read the interpretation in the next section to find out what aspects cause harmony and discord.

A score of +20 and below indicates average harmony. This is a casual relationship from everyday people. The pair may say hi and hello to each other, but there is no deep connection between them. This is sometimes called the “friends zone.”

A score of +21 to +40 indicates greater harmony beyond friendship. A score of +41 to +60 is a sign of a good match. A score of +61 to +80 indicates general compatibility. +81 to +100 is an excellent score but is hard to find.

A score above +100 ranks high on the love compatibility meter. The pair has a lot of common grounds to enjoy. Whenever there is a conflict, the couple can easily overcome it without affecting their relationship.

A score above +200 is very rare to find. This is an extraordinary match! Both individuals are very committed to nurturing one another. Some will call this pair “soul mates.”

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Bill and Lynn’s Relationship

Lynn and Bill’s relationship is more than just Sun sign compatibility of Taurus and Taurus. No individual is a pure Taurus but instead is a unique combination of signs and planets. The following interpretation defines the synastry or interplanetary aspects between the planets in Bill’s birth chart and the planets in Lynn’s birth chart. There is no evil planet in the combinations. No single combination can make or break the relationship. The list goes from the most harmonious (positive) to the most discordant (negative).

A neutral score means it can go both ways. If there are many positive elements, they can pull the neutral ones with them making the relationship a favorable one. The opposite can also happen where a lot of negative aspects can pull the neutral ones causing a general discord in the relationship.

Bill’s Neptune Sextiles Lynn’s Pluto (+3.06 harmony) – Bill’s mystical or spiritual inclination combines pleasantly with Lynn’s sense of transformation, change, or power and destiny. The spiritual urge of Bill stimulates the reforming urge of Lynn. Both will support and encourage each other’s spiritual enlightenment. The relationship inspires each other to meet the world with compassion and grace.

Bill’s Mercury Trines Lynn’s Mars (+1.61 harmony) – Bill’s mentality and powers of perception combine very effortlessly with Lynn’s sexual drive, temper, and powers of self-assertion. There is harmony in the exchange of ideas and self-expression between each other. The relationship inspires a lively and productive conversation. Bill’s thoughts and opinions are set in motion by Lynn’s encouragement.

Bill’s Sun Trines Lynn’s Saturn (+1.33 harmony) – Bill’s sense of identity, ego, will, and character combine very effortlessly with Lynn’s sense of commitment, necessity, or duty. There is harmony and natural respect for each other. Bill and Lynn are both willing to work out difficulties in their relationship. There is a mutual appreciation of responsibility and heartfelt commitment to one another. This aspect aids endurance in marriage.

Lynn’s Venus Trines Bill’s Uranus (+0.27 harmony) – Lynn’s sense of sexuality, attraction, or intimacy combines very effortlessly with Bill’s sense of independence, freedom, and originality. There is harmony that brings out the latent creative genius in each other. A mystical or glamorous aura is present in the relationship. Bill surprises Lynn in one way or another. Lynn has a pleasant way of toning down Bill’s eccentricity.

Bill’s Moon Conjuncts Lynn’s Uranus (neutral) – Bill’s emotional needs combine with Lynn’s sense of independence, freedom, and originality. The fusion excites mutual interest and is intellectually stimulating. There’s a degree of spontaneous, unexpected, and magnetic attraction linking Bill and Lynn. Boredom is never a problem in the relationship. Sometimes Bill’s traditional attitude clashes with Lynn’s odd behavior. The union arouses romantic feelings that can be temporary unless other harmonious aspects support it.

Bill’s Sun Conjuncts Lynn’s Sun (neutral) – The couple’s sense of identity, ego, and character can combine with ease or difficulty. Bill and Lynn have many positive and negative traits in common. The similar qualities can combine to aid understanding of one another. It may also cause rivalry with each other.

Bill’s Neptune Conjuncts Lynn’s Neptune (neutral) – The individual sense of spirituality, imagination, or mysticism combines with ease within the couple. Both Bill and Lynn share the same tastes in art, music, or religion. The relationship encourages positive traits of creativity and dreaminess. It also has the tendency to promote negative characteristics of laziness or indecisiveness in Bill or Lynn.

Bill’s Pluto Conjuncts Lynn’s Pluto (neutral) – The individual sense of transformation, change, or power and destiny combine with ease within the couple. Bill and Lynn enjoy the same cultural references. Lynn and Bill have a great time talking about the good old days since both came from the same generation.

Bill’s Jupiter Squares Lynn’s Jupiter (neutral) – The individual sense of growth, expansion, or generosity interacts stressfully within the couple. There is friction in the moral sentiments, ethical principles, and spiritual values. Both have difficulties in finding a familiar path. This may create problems of adjustment in the relationship.

Bill’s Sun Conjuncts Lynn’s Mercury (neutral) – Bill’s sense of identity, ego, will, and character combine with Lynn’s mentality and powers of perception. There is effective communication and fewer misunderstanding between Bill and Lynn. Both can work together in their similar ideas and points of view. Bill supports the progressive ideas of Lynn. Lynn understands the unique individuality of Bill.

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Bill’s Venus Squares Lynn’s Venus (-0.45 discord) – The individual sense of sexuality, attraction, or intimacy interacts stressfully within the couple. Both have different romantic styles. There is friction in the different way each other expresses affection. Agreement on financial matters can be complicated. Both will occasionally challenge each other about morality, social life, or cultural sentiments. This can become a tense and uncomfortable relationship but with an active element of attraction.

Bill’s Sun Opposes Lynn’s Uranus (-1.30 discord) – Bill’s sense of identity, ego, will, and character confront and challenge Lynn’s sense of independence, freedom, and originality. There is tension in the selfish nature of Bill and the independent nature of Lynn. Both are out of touch with the need for space in the relationship. The bond that initially attracted Lynn and Bill together becomes a confusing tug of war between togetherness and individuality.

Lynn’s Sun Opposes Bill’s Moon (-1.41 discord) – Lynn’s sense of identity, ego, will, and character confront and challenge Bill’s emotional needs. There can be tension in the mutual attraction between the domineering nature of Lynn and the sensitive nature of Bill. The potential for learning and growth is present in the relationship.

Bill’s Moon Opposes Lynn’s Mercury (-2.50 discord) – Bill’s emotional needs confront and challenge Lynn’s mentality and powers of perception. There is tension when Lynn over analyzes and misinterprets Bill’s feelings. Differing viewpoints can cause minor misunderstanding in the relationship. Lynn reacts on a rational level while Bill on an emotional level. Understanding and tolerance with less criticism can transform this aspect from discord to harmony.

Lynn’s Mars Squares Bill’s Jupiter (-4.68 discord) – Lynn’s sexual drive, temper, and powers of self-assertion interact stressfully with Bill’s sense of growth, expansion, or generosity. There is friction in Lynn’s instincts and Bill’s ethical point of view. There is a natural tendency to be extravagant in one or both individual.

Lynn’s Venus Squares Bill’s Mars (-5.34 discord) – Lynn’s sense of sexuality, attraction, or intimacy interacts stressfully with Bill’s sexual drive, temper, and powers of self-assertion. There is a strong sexual attraction between Lynn and Bill in the early stage of the relationship. Too much stimulation causes friction and disputes. Bill feels suffocated by Lynn’s possessiveness. Lynn can be deeply hurt by Bill’s thoughtless words.

Lynn’s Saturn Squares Bill’s Neptune (-7.99 discord) – Lynn’s sense of commitment, necessity, or duty interacts stressfully with Bill’s sense of spirituality, imagination, or mystical inclination. There is friction in Lynn’s realism and Bill’s idealism.

There are 3 mutual receptions in Bill and Lynn’s planet combinations. Planets in mutual reception enhance each other. This will add +30 harmony to the total score. The remaining -43.60 discord is due to some minor aspects or planets in parallel.

Recommended Reading

Bill and Lynn don’t let the discordant aspects become a discouragement. It merely indicates the level of difficulty, but it’s not impossible to overcome. A firm determination can overcome any obstacle no matter how big it is. As the saying goes “love can conquer all.”

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