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Famous People With “Vlas Chubar”

The list is sorted by relevance and includes celebrities like actors, actresses, models, singers, rappers, and producers. Click the birth date before the name to explore the birth date info and know the meaning of the life path number. Click the    icon for Love Match compatibility test.

The epic list contains 12 individuals. Showing 1 - 12.

  •  February 22, 1891 – Vlas Chubar, Russian economist and politician (d. 1939). Life path number 7
  •  January 13, 1872 – Vlasios Tsirogiannis, Greek general (d. 1928). Life path number 5
  •  December 24, 1928 Lev Vlassenko, Georgian-Australian pianist and educator (d. 1996). Life path number 11
  •  December 5, 1935 Yury Vlasov, Ukrainian-Russian weightlifter and politician. Life path number 8
  •  January 12, 1944 Vlastimil Hort, Czech chess player. Life path number 4
  •  November 30, 1949 Vlassis Bonatsos, Greek actor and singer (d. 2004). Life path number 1
  •  November 20, 1956 Natasha Vlassenko, Russian-Australian pianist and educator. Life path number 7
  •  March 31, 1983 Vlasios Maras, Greek gymnast. Life path number 1
  •  June 17, 1983 Vlasis Kazakis, Greek footballer. Life path number 8
  •  November 8, 1983 Blanka Vlašić, Croatian high jumper. Life path number 22
  •  March 30, 1987 Marc-Édouard Vlasic, Canadian ice hockey player. Life path number 4
  •  August 29, 1990 Julia Vlassov, American figure skater. Life path number 2

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