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Jump Birthday Party

The easiest jumping game you’ll ever play!

How many coins did you get before you rage-quit a jumping game? Try this and see how easily you can get coins. Time to master your ninja jumping skill and jump your way to a birthday party!

You have one ability to master - JUMP! You are a ninja in training but you don’t like to practice all the time. You want to attend birthday parties! Being a clever ninja, you wear a costume to disguise yourself every time you attend a party.

It’s super easy to play. Tap the LEFT half of the screen to do a SHORT JUMP. Tap the RIGHT half of the screen to do a LONG JUMP. Collect coins and party items by jumping on them.

Why you will love this game

  • Free to play. No annoying ads. Endless fun!
  • Two play modes - Practice Play and Party Play
  • Whooping 217 iMessage stickers for iPhone & iPad users (New in version 1.4.11)
  • More than 70 characters to collect - animals, professionals, everyday people
  • More than 240 party items to activate - candies, jellies, cupcakes, macarons, cakes
  • MUST TRY - exploding fun bombs!
  • Enhance game play by activating power ups
  • Special game effects - weather system, rainbow jump trails
  • Generous bonus and rewards
  • Prove your jumping skill by completing all 100 achievements
  • Leaderboards to compete with friends
  • Support for left-handed players
  • You can play this game offline
  • Enjoy a relaxing game music


Get ready to JUMP! Download now on the App Store® or on Google Play