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May 0 Famous Birthdays

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Famous May Birthdays

The following 7,600 famous people including celebrities were born in the month of May. A random sample was chosen for each day. Click the    after the name to explore the birth date info. You might also want to browse the filtered celebrity birthdays in May.

Zodiac signs for May are Taurus and Gemini . The modern birthstone for May is Emerald while the mystical gemstone (based on Tibetan origin) is Sapphire.

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May 1

  • 1924
    Art Fleming, American actor and game show host (d. 1995)  
  • 1927
    Gary Bertini, Israeli conductor and composer (d. 2005)  
  • 1955
    Alex Cunningham, Scottish politician  
  • 1962
    Maia Morgenstern, Romanian actress  
  • 1966
    Charlie Schlatter, American actor  

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May 2

  • 1931
    Martha Grimes, American author and poet  
  • 1952
    Mari Natsuki, Japanese actress, singer, and dancer  
  • 1960
    Stephen Daldry, English director and producer  
  • 1971
    Musashimaru Kōyō, Samoan-American sumo wrestler, the 67th Yokozuna  
  • 1984
    Thabo Sefolosha, Swiss basketball player  

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May 3

  • 1891
    Tadeusz Peiper, Polish poet and critic (d. 1969)
  • 1934
    Frankie Valli, American singer and actor (The Four Seasons and The Wonder Who?)  
  • 1934
    Georges Moustaki, Egyptian-French singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2013)  
  • 1946
    Norm Chow, American football player and coach  
  • 1965
    Christine Schäfer, German soprano  

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May 4

  • 1649
    Chhatrasal, Indian warrior (d. 1731)
  • 1654
    Kangxi Emperor of China (d. 1722)
  • 1884
    Richard Baggallay, English army officer and cricketer (d. 1975)
  • 1949
    Stella Parton, American singer-songwriter and actress  
  • 1992
    Grace Phipps, American actress and singer  

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May 5

  • 1940
    Michael Lindsay-Hogg, American director and producer  
  • 1967
    Levent Kazak, Turkish actor and screenwriter  
  • 1980
    DerMarr Johnson, American basketball player  
  • 1983
    Scott Ware, American football player  
  • 1991
    Colin Edwards, Guyanese footballer (d. 2013)  

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May 6

  • 1871
    Christian Morgenstern, German author and poet (d. 1914)
  • 1921
    Erich Fried, Austrian-German author, poet, and translator (d. 1988)  
  • 1929
    Rosemary Cramp, English archaeologist and academic  
  • 1961
    Gina Riley, Australian actress, singer, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1989
    Amra Sadiković, Swiss tennis player  

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May 7

  • 1700
    Gerard van Swieten, Dutch-American physician (d. 1772)
  • 1724
    Dagobert Sigmund von Wurmser, French-Austrian field marshal (d. 1797)
  • 1940
    Jim Connors, American radio host (d. 1987)  
  • 1974
    Lawrence Johnson, American pole vaulter  
  • 1978
    Brian Clevinger, American author  

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May 8

  • 1632
    Heino Heinrich Graf von Flemming, German field marshal and politician (d. 1706)
  • 1943
    Jon Mark, English-New Zealand singer-songwriter and guitarist (Sweet Thursday and Mark-Almond)  
  • 1945
    Arthur Docters van Leeuwen, Dutch jurist and politician  
  • 1961
    Gert Kruys, Dutch footballer and manager  
  • 1984
    Martin Compston, Scottish footballer and actor  

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May 9

  • 1937
    Rafael Moneo, Spanish architect, designed the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and Valladolid Science Museum  
  • 1938
    Charles Simić, Serbian-American poet and academic  
  • 1973
    Chu Sang-mi, South Korean actress  
  • 1980
    Grant Hackett, Australian swimmer  
  • 1983
    Giacomo Brichetto, Italian footballer  

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May 10

  • 1953
    Tito Santana, American wrestler and coach  
  • 1969
    John Scalzi, American author and blogger  
  • 1977
    Nick Heidfeld, German race car driver  
  • 1990
    Lauren Potter, American actress  
  • 1995
    Missy Franklin, American swimmer  

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May 11

  • 1715
    Johann Gottfried Bernhard Bach, German organist (d. 1739)
  • 1838
    Isabelle Bogelot, French philanthropist (d. 1923)
  • 1899
    Paulino Masip, Spanish author and playwright (d. 1963)
  • 1965
    Stefano Domenicali, Italian race car driver and manager  
  • 1975
    Coby Bell, American actor and producer  

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May 12

  • 1622
    Louis de Buade de Frontenac, French-Canadian soldier and politician, 3rd Governor General of New France (d. 1698)
  • 1899
    Indra Devi, Latvian yoga instructor (d. 2002)
  • 1926
    Viren J. Shah, Indian politician, 21st Governor of West Bengal (d. 2013)  
  • 1945
    Ian McLagan, English-American singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Small Faces, Faces, and The New Barbarians) (d. 2014)  
  • 1961
    Thomas Dooley, German-American soccer player and manager  

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May 13

  • 1842
    Arthur Sullivan, English composer (d. 1900)
  • 1937
    John Cope, Baron Cope of Berkeley, English accountant and politician, Treasurer of the Household  
  • 1942
    Roger Young, American director, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1953
    Gerry Sutcliffe, English politician, Vice-Chamberlain of the Household  
  • 1991
    Francisco Lachowski, Brazilian model  

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May 14

  • 1943
    Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Icelandic academic and politician, 5th President of Iceland  
  • 1953
    Tom Cochrane, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Red Rider)  
  • 1974
    Anu Välba, Estonian journalist  
  • 1974
    Jennifer Allan, American model  
  • 1976
    Hunter Burgan, American bass player (AFI, The Force, and The Frisk)  

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May 15

  • 1935
    Akihiro Miwa, Japanese singer, actor, director, composer, and author  
  • 1937
    Joe Tait, American sportscaster  
  • 1954
    Diana Liverman, English-American geographer and academic  
  • 1959
    Andrew Eldritch, English singer-songwriter (The Sisters of Mercy, The Sisterhood, and SSV)  
  • 1976
    David Copeland, English terrorist  

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May 16

  • 1906
    Alfred Pellan, Canadian painter and educator (d. 1988)  
  • 1943
    Marko Kravos, Italian-Slovenian poet and translator  
  • 1947
    Darrell Sweet, English-Scottish drummer (Nazareth) (d. 1999)  
  • 1983
    Nancy Ajram, Lebanese singer  
  • 1992
    Davika Hoorne Thai-Belgian model and actress  

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May 17

  • 1945
    B. S. Chandrasekhar, Indian cricketer  
  • 1963
    Taimo Toomast, Estonian opera singer  
  • 1970
    Hubert Davis, American basketball player and coach  
  • 1971
    Martin Aunin, Estonian architect  
  • 1996
    Ryan Ochoa, American actor  

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May 18

  • 1923
    Jean-Louis Roux, Canadian actor and politician, 34th Lieutenant Governor of Quebec (d. 2013)  
  • 1950
    Nick Wyman, American actor  
  • 1951
    Angela Voigt, German long jumper (d. 2013)  
  • 1963
    Marty McSorley, Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and actor  
  • 1976
    Ron Mercer, American basketball player  

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May 19

  • 1795
    Johns Hopkins, American businessman and philanthropist (d. 1873)
  • 1879
    Nancy Astor, Viscountess Astor, American-English politician (d. 1964)
  • 1947
    David Helfgott, Australian pianist  
  • 1977
    Natalia Oreiro, Uruguayan singer-songwriter and actress  
  • 1983
    Michael Che, American comedian, actor, and screenwriter  

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May 20

  • 1944
    Dietrich Mateschitz, Austrian businessman, co-founded Red Bull GmbH  
  • 1954
    Robert Van de Walle, Belgian martial artist  
  • 1956
    Dean Butler, Canadian-American actor, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1970
    Ryuichi Kawamura, Japanese singer-songwriter, actor, and producer (Luna Sea and Tourbillon)  
  • 1974
    Allison Amend, American novelist and short story writer  

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May 21

  • 1941
    Ambrose Greenway, 4th Baron Greenway, English photographer and politician  
  • 1954
    D. B. S. Jeyaraj, Sri Lankan-Canadian journalist and blogger  
  • 1955
    Stan Lynch, American drummer, songwriter, and producer (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)  
  • 1960
    Jeffrey Dahmer, American serial killer (d. 1994)  
  • 1976
    Deron Miller, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (CKY, World Under Blood, and Foreign Objects)  

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May 22

  • 1823
    Solomon Bundy, American lawyer and politician (d. 1889)
  • 1954
    Shuji Nakamura, Japanese-American physicist and engineer, Nobel Prize laureate  
  • 1967
    Gundars Vētra, Latvian basketball player and coach  
  • 1981
    Daniel Holdsworth, Australian singer and guitarist (Tubular Bells for Two)  
  • 1987
    José Luis Miñano, Spanish footballer  

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May 23

  • 1734
    Franz Mesmer, German physician and astrologer (d. 1815)
  • 1965
    Manuel Sanchís Hontiyuelo, Spanish footballer  
  • 1966
    Heidi Rohi, Estonian fencer  
  • 1967
    Luis Roberto Alves, Mexican footballer  
  • 1967
    Xu Demei, Chinese javelin thrower  

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May 24

  • 1902
    Lionel Conacher, Canadian football player and politician (d. 1954)  
  • 1953
    Nell Campbell, Australian-American actress and singer  
  • 1967
    Andrey Borodin, Russian-English economist and businessman  
  • 1974
    Will Sasso, Canadian actor, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1976
    Catherine Cox, New Zealand-Australian netball player  

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May 25

  • 1889
    Igor Sikorsky, Russian-American aircraft designer, founded Sikorsky Aircraft (d. 1972)
  • 1944
    Charlie Harper, English singer-songwriter and producer (U.K. Subs)  
  • 1958
    Zahida Manzoor, English businesswoman  
  • 1982
    Ezekiel Kemboi, Kenyan runner  
  • 1985
    Tuğba Daşdemir Kocaağa, Turkish skier and coach  

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May 26

  • 1893
    Eugene Aynsley Goossens, English conductor and composer (d. 1962)
  • 1904
    Vlado Perlemuter, Lithuanian-French pianist and educator (d. 2002)  
  • 1907
    Jean Bernard, French physician and haematologist (d. 2006)  
  • 1907
    John Wayne, American actor, singer, director, and producer (d. 1979)  
  • 1971
    Zaher Andary, Lebanese footballer  

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May 27

  • 1902
    Fanny Godin, Belgian super-centenarian (d. 2014)  
  • 1907
    Rachel Carson, American biologist, environmentalist, and author (d. 1964)  
  • 1922
    Christopher Lee, English actor and singer (d. 2015)  
  • 1927
    Jüri Randviir, Estonian chess player and journalist (d. 1996)  
  • 1990
    Nadine Beiler, Austrian singer  

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May 28

  • 1892
    Sepp Dietrich, German general (d. 1966)
  • 1906
    Henry Thambiah, Sri Lankan lawyer, judge, and diplomat, Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Canada (d. 1997)  
  • 1956
    Jerry Douglas, American guitarist and producer (The Country Gentlemen and Strength in Numbers)  
  • 1991
    Alexandre Lacazette, French footballer  
  • 1993
    Bárbara Luz, Portuguese tennis player  

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May 29

  • 1932
    Richie Guerin, American basketball player and coach  
  • 1939
    Al Unser, American race car driver  
  • 1958
    Juliano Mer-Khamis, Israeli actor, director, and activist (d. 2011)  
  • 1975
    Jason Allison, Canadian ice hockey player  
  • 1980
    Shugo Tokumaru, Japanese singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist  

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May 30

  • 1846
    Peter Carl Fabergé, Russian goldsmith and jeweler (d. 1920)
  • 1887
    Paulette Noizeux, French actress (d. 1971)
  • 1906
    Bruno Gröning, Polish-German mystic and author (d. 1959)  
  • 1938
    Eugene Belliveau, Canadian football player  
  • 1945
    Richard Hannon, Sr., English horse trainer  

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May 31

  • 1557
    Feodor I of Russia (d. 1598)
  • 1905
    Florence Desmond, English actress and singer (d. 1993)  
  • 1955
    Bruce Adolphe, American pianist, composer, and scholar  
  • 1977
    Domenico Fioravanti, Italian swimmer  
  • 1977
    June Sarpong, English television host  

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