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December 0 Famous Birthdays

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Famous December Birthdays

The following 6,946 famous people including celebrities were born in the month of December. A random sample was chosen for each day. Click the    after the name to explore the birth date info. You might also want to browse the filtered celebrity birthdays in December.

Zodiac signs for December are Sagittarius and Capricorn . The modern birthstone for December is Turquoise while the mystical gemstone (based on Tibetan origin) is Onyx.

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December 1

  • 1923
    Morris, Belgian cartoonist (d. 2001)  
  • 1927
    Micheline Bernardini, French dancer and model  
  • 1962
    Sylvie Daigle, Canadian speed skater  
  • 1982
    Riz Ahmed, English actor and rapper  
  • 1987
    Vance Joy, Australian singer-songwriter  

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December 2

  • 1960
    Justus von Dohnányi, German actor, director, and screenwriter  
  • 1973
    Graham Kavanagh, Irish footballer and manager  
  • 1986
    Edson Décimo Alves Araújo, Brazilian footballer (d. 2014)  
  • 1986
    Veronika Kapshay, Ukrainian tennis player  
  • 1989
    Cassie Steele, Canadian singer-songwriter and actress  

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December 3

  • 1857
    Joseph Conrad, Polish-English marine and author (d. 1924)
  • 1960
    Julianne Moore, American actress and author  
  • 1966
    Flemming Povlsen, Danish footballer and manager  
  • 1978
    Dan Snow, English-Canadian radio and television host  
  • 1980
    Zlata Filipović, Bosnian author  

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December 4

  • 1908
    Alfred Hershey, American bacteriologist and geneticist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1997)  
  • 1925
    Lino Lacedelli, Italian mountaineer (d. 2009)  
  • 1944
    François Migault, French race car driver (d. 2012)  
  • 1945
    Roberta Bondar, Canadian neurologist, academic, and astronaut  
  • 1972
    Jassen Cullimore, Canadian ice hockey player  

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December 5

  • 1898
    Grace Moore, American soprano and actress (d. 1947)
  • 1909
    Musashiyama Takeshi, Japanese sumo wrestler (d. 1969)  
  • 1973
    Arik Benado, Israeli footballer and manager  
  • 1976
    Rachel Komisarz, American swimmer  
  • 1985
    Josh Smith, American basketball player  

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December 6

  • 1913
    John Mikaelsson, Swedish race walker (d. 1987)  
  • 1940
    Richard Edlund, American visual effects designer  
  • 1955
    Steven Wright, American actor and screenwriter  
  • 1962
    Janine Turner, American actress  
  • 1972
    Mónica Santa María, Peruvian model and television host (d. 1994)  

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December 7

  • 1946
    Kirsti Sparboe, Norwegian singer and actress  
  • 1952
    Georges Corraface, French actor and producer  
  • 1962
    Alain Blondel, French decathlete  
  • 1966
    Andres Kasekamp, Canadian-Estonian historian and academic  
  • 1978
    Frankie J, Mexican-American singer-songwriter and producer (Kumbia Kings)  

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December 8

  • 1886
    Albert Üksip, Estonian actor and botanist (d. 1966)
  • 1915
    Ernest Lehman, American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2005)  
  • 1922
    Lucian Freud, German-English painter and illustrator (d. 2011)  
  • 1947
    Gregg Allman, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Allman Brothers Band and Hour Glass)  
  • 1966
    Tyler Mane, Canadian wrestler and actor  

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December 9

  • 1871
    Joe Kelley, American baseball player and manager (d. 1943)
  • 1926
    Roger McGee, American actor (d. 2013)  
  • 1933
    Orville Moody, American sergeant and golfer (d. 2008)  
  • 1953
    Cornelis de Bondt, Dutch composer and educator  
  • 1977
    Imogen Heap, English singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Frou Frou and Urban Species)  

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December 10

  • 1851
    Melvil Dewey, American librarian, created the Dewey Decimal System (d. 1931)
  • 1907
    Lucien Laurent, French footballer and coach (d. 2005)  
  • 1959
    Kevin Ash, English journalist and author (d. 2013)  
  • 1966
    Mel Rojas, Dominican baseball player  
  • 1978
    Anna Jesień, Polish hurdler  

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December 11

  • 1919
    Marie Windsor, American actress and singer (d. 2000)  
  • 1936
    Hans van den Broek, Dutch lawyer and politician, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs  
  • 1950
    Christina Onassis, American-Argentinian businesswoman (d. 1988)  
  • 1961
    Marco Pierre White, English chef and television host  
  • 1962
    Paul Haslinger, Austrian-American keyboard player, guitarist, and composer (Tangerine Dream)  

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December 12

  • 1905
    Vasily Grossman, Russian journalist and author (d. 1964)  
  • 1930
    Bill Beutel, American journalist (d. 2006)  
  • 1943
    Phyllis Somerville, American actress  
  • 1947
    Wings Hauser, American actor, director, and screenwriter  
  • 1986
    Nina Kolarič, Slovenian long jumper  

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December 13

  • 1908
    Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Brazilian historian and activist (d. 1995)  
  • 1935
    Lindy McDaniel, American baseball player  
  • 1972
    Chris Grant, Australian footballer  
  • 1982
    Dan Hamhuis, Canadian ice hockey player  
  • 1983
    Matt Deis, American bass player and songwriter (CKY and All That Remains)  

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December 14

  • 1625
    Barthélemy d'Herbelot, French orientalist and academic (d. 1695)
  • 1678
    Daniel Neal, English historian and author (d. 1743)
  • 1791
    Charles Wolfe, Irish priest and poet (d. 1823)
  • 1965
    Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, Kuwaiti terrorist  
  • 1973
    Boris Henry, German javelin thrower  

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December 15

  • 1928
    Ida Haendel, Polish-English violinist and educator  
  • 1933
    Bapu, Indian director and screenwriter (d. 2014)  
  • 1966
    Carl Hooper, Guyanese cricketer and coach  
  • 1974
    Pooh, Filipino actor and comedian  
  • 1978
    Ned Brower, American drummer and actor (Rooney)  

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December 16

  • 1804
    Viktor Bunyakovsky, Russian mathematician and academic (d. 1889)
  • 1883
    Max Linder, French actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1925)
  • 1902
    Rafael Alberti, Spanish poet and playwright (d. 1999)  
  • 1946
    Charles Dennis, Canadian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1972
    Charles Gipson, American baseball player  

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December 17

  • 1881
    Aubrey Faulkner, South African-English cricketer and coach (d. 1930)
  • 1922
    Alan Voorhees, American engineer and academic (d. 2005)  
  • 1937
    Calvin Waller, American general (d. 1996)  
  • 1964
    Michele Tafoya, American sportscaster  
  • 1977
    Samuel Påhlsson, Swedish ice hockey player  

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December 18

  • 1662
    James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry, Scottish colonel and politician, Secretary of State for Scotland (d. 1711)
  • 1941
    Wadada Leo Smith, American trumpet player and composer (Creative Construction Company)  
  • 1965
    Manuel Peña Escontrela, Spanish footballer (d. 2012)  
  • 1966
    Mille Petrozza, German singer-songwriter and guitarist (Kreator and Voodoocult)  
  • 1968
    Alejandro Sanz, Spanish singer-songwriter and guitarist  

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December 19

  • 1934
    Al Kaline, American baseball player and sportscaster  
  • 1942
    Dennis E. Fitch, American pilot (d. 2012)  
  • 1968
    Ken Marino, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1974
    Felipe Lopez, Dominican-American basketball player  
  • 1985
    Sally Kipyego, Kenyan runner  

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December 20

  • 1861
    Ferdinand Bonn, German actor (d. 1933)
  • 1927
    Charlie Callas, American actor and drummer (d. 2011)  
  • 1957
    Anita Ward, American singer  
  • 1958
    Doug Nordquist, American high jumper  
  • 1991
    Hunter Gomez, American actor and producer  

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December 21

  • 1795
    John Russell, English hunter and dog breeder (d. 1883)
  • 1868
    George W. Fuller, American engineer (d. 1934)
  • 1920
    Jean Gascon, Canadian actor and director (d. 1988)  
  • 1935
    John G. Avildsen, American director, producer, and cinematographer  
  • 1969
    Jack Noseworthy, American actor  

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December 22

  • 1868
    Jaan Tõnisson, Estonian journalist, lawyer, and politician, 2nd Prime Minister of Estonia (d. 1941?)
  • 1915
    Phillip Glasier, English author and academic (d. 2000)  
  • 1948
    Chris Old, English cricketer  
  • 1968
    Lauralee Bell, American actress, director, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1975
    Stanislav Neckář, Czech ice hockey player  

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December 23

  • 1968
    René Tretschok, German footballer and manager  
  • 1969
    Rob Pelinka, American basketball player, agent, and lawyer  
  • 1971
    Masayoshi Yamazaki, Japanese singer-songwriter  
  • 1980
    Cody Ross, American baseball player  
  • 1988
    Eliana Ramos, Uruguayan model (d. 2007)  

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December 24

  • 1903
    Ava Helen Pauling, American humanitarian and activist (d. 1981)  
  • 1944
    Mike Curb, American businessman and politician, 42nd Lieutenant Governor of California  
  • 1945
    Steve Smith, Canadian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1958
    Munetaka Higuchi, Japanese drummer and producer (Loudness, Sly, and Lazy) (d. 2008)  
  • 1969
    Oleg Skripochka, Russian cosmonaut  

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December 25

  • 1686
    Giovanni Battista Somis, Italian violinist and composer (d. 1763)
  • 1949
    Joe Louis Walker, American singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer  
  • 1980
    Marcus Trufant, American football player  
  • 1984
    Chris Cahill, Samoan footballer  
  • 1988
    Lukas Hinds-Johnson, German rugby player  

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December 26

  • 1921
    Steve Allen, American actor, comedian, talk show personality, and screenwriter (d. 2000)  
  • 1951
    John Scofield, American guitarist and composer (Trio Beyond)  
  • 1957
    Dermot Murnaghan, English-born Northern Irish journalist and game show host  
  • 1975
    Chris Calaguio, Filipino basketball player  
  • 1978
    Karel Rüütli, Estonian politician  

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December 27

  • 1947
    Willy Polleunis, Belgian runner  
  • 1950
    Doug Stone, Canadian voice actor and singer  
  • 1959
    Gerina Dunwich, American astrologer, historian, and author  
  • 1971
    Bryan Smolinski, American ice hockey player and coach  
  • 1974
    Édgar Ponce, Mexican actor and dancer (d. 2005)  

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December 28

  • 1164
    Emperor Rokujō of Japan (d. 1176)
  • 1908
    Lew Ayres, American actor and singer (d. 1996)  
  • 1946
    Edgar Winter, American singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer (Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band)  
  • 1979
    Maksim Smirnov, Estonian footballer  
  • 1981
    Orlando Smeekes, Curaçaoan footballer  

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December 29

  • 1928
    Bernard Cribbins, English actor, singer, and director  
  • 1947
    David Tanner, English rower and coach  
  • 1972
    Asheru, American rapper  
  • 1983
    James Kelly, Australian footballer  
  • 1989
    Kei Nishikori, Japanese tennis player  

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December 30

  • 1841
    Robert Scott, Australian public servant (d. 1922)
  • 1857
    Sylvio Lazzari, French-Austrian composer (d. 1944)
  • 1902
    Dennie Moore, American actress and activist (d. 1978)  
  • 1940
    James Burrows, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1947
    Jeff Lynne, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Electric Light Orchestra, Traveling Wilburys, The Move, and The Idle Race)  

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December 31

  • 1905
    Helen Dodson Prince, American astronomer (d. 2002)  
  • 1910
    Carl Dudley, American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1973)  
  • 1932
    Felix Rexhausen, German journalist, editor and author (d. 1992)  
  • 1944
    Taylor Hackford, American director, producer, and screenwriter  
  • 1950
    Cheryl Womack, American businesswoman and philanthropist  

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