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Famous People With “Leif Erickson”

The list is sorted by relevance and includes celebrities like actors, actresses, models, singers, rappers, and producers. Click the birth date before the name to explore the birth date info and know the meaning of the life path number. Click the    icon for Love Match compatibility test.

The epic list contains 15 individuals. Showing 1 - 15.

  •  October 27, 1911 Leif Erickson, American actor and singer (d. 1986). Life path number 4
  •  December 5, 1901 Milton H. Erickson, American psychiatrist and author (d. 1980). Life path number 1
  •  March 27, 1903 Leif Tronstad, Norwegian soldier and scientist (d. 1945). Life path number 7
  •  August 10, 1908 Rica Erickson, Australian botanist, historian, and author (d. 2009). Life path number 9
  •  April 19, 1944 Keith Erickson, American basketball player and sportscaster. Life path number 5
  •  March 24, 1947 Dennis Erickson, American football player and coach. Life path number 3
  •  July 15, 1947 Roky Erickson, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The 13th Floor Elevators). Life path number 7
  •  April 20, 1950 Steve Erickson, American author and critic. Life path number 3
  •  October 20, 1951 Leif Pagrotsky, Swedish businessman and politician. Life path number 1
  •  July 27, 1956 Carol Leifer, American actress, producer, and screenwriter. Life path number 1
  •  December 5, 1958 Dean Erickson, American actor. Life path number 4
  •  November 8, 1961 Leif Garrett, American singer and actor. Life path number 9
  •  February 2, 1968 Scott Erickson, American baseball player and coach. Life path number 1
  •  April 7, 1970 Leif Ove Andsnes, Norwegian pianist and educator. Life path number 1
  •  July 17, 1977 Leif Hoste, Belgian cyclist. Life path number 3

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