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Famous People With “Josia Thugwane”

The list is sorted by relevance and includes celebrities like actors, actresses, models, singers, rappers, and producers. Click the birth date before the name to explore the birth date info and know the meaning of the life path number. Click the    icon for Love Match compatibility test.

The epic list contains 11 individuals. Showing 1 - 11.

  •  April 15, 1971 Josia Thugwane, South African runner. Life path number 1
  •  November 21, 1729 – Josiah Bartlett, American physician and politician, 6th Governor of New Hampshire (d. 1795). Life path number 6
  •  July 12, 1730 – Josiah Wedgwood, English potter, founded the Wedgwood Company (d. 1795). Life path number 3
  •  December 26, 1737 – Prince Josias of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (d. 1815). Life path number 2
  •  June 15, 1789 – Josiah Henson, American minister, author, and activist (d. 1883). Life path number 1
  •  February 11, 1839 – Josiah Willard Gibbs, American physicist, mathematician, and academic (d. 1903). Life path number 7
  •  April 28, 1863 – Josiah Thomas, English-Australian miner and politician, 7th Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs (d. 1933). Life path number 5
  •  March 30, 1874 – Josiah McCracken, American hammer thrower, shot putter, and football player (d. 1962). Life path number 8
  •  June 21, 1880 – Josiah Stamp, 1st Baron Stamp, English economist and civil servant (d. 1941). Life path number 8
  •  April 15, 1950 Josiane Balasko, French actress, director, and screenwriter. Life path number 7
  •  March 26, 1989 Josiah Leming, American singer-songwriter. Life path number 2

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