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Nov 2017 – Sometimes the challenges we go through don't make sense at the time, but when we eventually get to a point where we can look back and understand why. You're likely to reach that point this month, where the biggest challenge you've had to face this year turns into a gift. The one challenge that has dogged you for the past 12 months has been Jupiter's constant and ongoing oppositions with Uranus and Eris in your career sector.

Jupiter's last opposition only played out last month, just as the Sun was also moving into opposition. It wasn't until the Sun left your home and family sector on the 23rd October, 12 days behind Jupiter that professional pressure or work/life balance tension dropped back. Career forces haven't suffered at all, with Uranus' alliance with Saturn on the work front peaking from the 5th November to the 15th November.

This comes just as Mercury's return to your work sector on the 6th November will see work matters you've been working on or towards all year, start to come together. This is a stunning month for work and job matters, with your professional year catching its second wind. You would think that this would simply have you relieved that the work/life balance challenges and tensions are behind you.

Instead, it is work/life balance that is now the most valuable theme and is something you've worked all year to achieve. The difference is that you now know why. For while things are coming together professionally, this is also the first full month of your luckiest year for love, matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative in over a decade.

Life can no longer be all work and no play and thanks to the work/life balance boot camp you've spent the last 12 months in, you know how to make sure that doesn't happen.

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Love & Romance

The focus will always shift onto matters of the heart at this time of year, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of November in your romantic sector. Yet what the solar spotlight reveals is what really matters and determines what kind of experience this will be. For you, the experience this year is not just one of the best possible, but the very best.

For as Jupiter spends his first full month in your romantic sector in over a decade, this is also the first full month of your luckiest year for love since 2005/2006. By the time you even move into the new month Jupiter has already aligned with both the Sun and Mercury, giving you a taste of things to come.

Until he leaves on the 6th November Mercury is on a mission to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page, while the Sun will continue to shine the solar spotlight onto matters of the heart until leaving on the 22nd November. Meanwhile, a New Moon on the 19th November will bring a chance for new beginnings and to commit to the journey ahead.

However, the real magic begins when Venus returns on the 8th November. Not due to leave until the 1st December Venus and Jupiter, the planets of love and luck will see out the month together. With Mars returning next month and Jupiter here until November 2018, this is just the start of an exciting new journey.

This is also a chance to get this established before next month's major relationship developments kick in.

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Money & Finance

Moving into November with planetary activity in your income sector is not the norm, but the timing couldn't be better. Even Venus' late return to your income sector this year pushed the envelope out this year, but even she can't keep things going this late in the year. By the time Venus left on the 20th September the Sun, Mercury and Mars had all been and gone and that should have brought all planetary activity and all access to income resources for the year to a close.

However, a total solar eclipse a month earlier was never going to leave you without resources. For the North Node, the forces behind both August's total solar eclipse and the eclipses here next year, was always going to keep the momentum going. Yet it was Ceres' return just days after Venus left that brought a surprise player onto the field, with the queen of nurturing making her first visit in four years.

A retrograde turn next month means that instead of moving through in just three months, Ceres is here until June 2018, acting as your own Fairy Godmother. It is Ceres' alignment from the 28th November to the 5th December that could trigger some unexpected income developments. However, this is not happening in a vacuum and instead is playing out in a stunning month on the job and career fronts.

Even without an alliance between Uranus in your career sector and Saturn in your work sector from the 5th November to the 15th November, the last in our lifetime, this would still have been an extraordinary month on both fronts. With Mercury returning to your work sector on the 6th November and the Sun on the 22nd November, they'll provide the momentum on the job front for all that income potential.

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Work & Career

To start with it will be business as usual, though with the confidence on income, work and career fronts that developed last month following you through. Yet even if things stayed as they were, you would still be in a strong position. The pressure that had been on the two long term planets in your career sector is gone, an alignment between work and career forces that has been building for months peaks and there is still strong support from income forces.

In fact, if things stayed exactly as they were you would find things were almost cruisy. That is taking into account that your definition of 'cruisy' is likely to appear hard work to the rest of us. But things do change this month and fortunately for the better. Saturn, in your work sector since December 2014 is coming home and the smaller boats are coming out to help guide him into port.

Saturn won't leave until the 20th December, but this lone solo trek for much of the year is over and it all changes within the space of just 24 hours. Things will get busy, but productively so, with a chance to bring everything you've been working towards all year home. The change comes on the 5th November, though with the Moon in your career sector from the 1st November to the 3rd November your professional instincts will pick up on this.

It is on the 5th November that Saturn's alignment with Uranus in your career sector peaks, the last year in our lifetime. This will see everything you've been working towards on the work and career fronts all year start to come together. Locked into place until the 15th November, this creates the ideal conditions for Mercury's return to your work sector on the 6th November and the Sun's on 22nd November.

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