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♋ Cancer Yearly Horoscope


Year 2018 Overview – There are all sorts of relationships Cancer, be they professional, with friends and more personally. And all of these are going to be under the astral spotlight for the whole of 2018. How you interact with others, and how you perceive them, but more importantly, how other people perceive you, is going to become a bigger issue.

This could throw up some real opportunities, especially as your sector of romance is also reinforced by very positive planetary influences. If you're solo, there is every chance you won't be at the year's end. However, if you're involved, your relationship could go through a number of shifts, but ones which can be very positive if it helps to create a greater sense of equanimity between you and yours.

But equally, this can be a year where you forge a major alliance with a friend or someone who shares a passion for a topic that enthuses you. Mind, other changes can be triggered by the Eclipses and also by the planet of freedom Uranus, and its journey through your sector of long-term plans, for six months of the year from mid-May.

But April is set to be a very potent month as far as those relationships are concerned. What develops and what you learn, can influence you for many Moons to come. Equally, the last three months of the year can be a time when your creative talents or those of your children, if you have them, can really flourish.

The Eclipses however, do ask you to rethink some of your core values. As the North Node, the point of destiny, also joins you, new starts are also possible late on.

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Love & Romance

Without exaggeration, this is set to be the most important year for your relationships in a very long time. A unique collection of planetary energy creates a skyscape of opportunity, but also is going to press you to become much more aware of how you interact with others and what you need from them, but equally, what others need from you.

Whatever your relationship status, some change is almost inevitable. Why? Well, the planet of transformation Pluto has been in this sector of your Solar 'scope since 2008, but is now joined by Saturn, the planet of structure, but also restriction. This could mean that you're going to become much more conscious of who you find difficult to get along with.

But equally, Saturn presents us with the chance to persevere, to try harder and gain through the challenges it creates. Mind, there is so much else going on this year Cancer that is really quite spectacular for you. Not least with Jupiter, the planet of plenty, in your sector of romance, for over ten months of 2018, which is joined by the planet of desire Mars early on, and by the planet of sultry enchantment Venus, in September, October and December.

All these influences are pushing you to have self-confidence in the way you come across, dress and attract people to you. But with Uranus moving into a more helter-skelter position in mid-May, your social interaction can sparkle, and the best way to approach things is by being completely open-minded about the type of person you can get along with.

Such openness will take you far.

Famous Cancer Personalities

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  • July 8, 1992 – Sky Ferreira, American singer-songwriter and actress
  • July 4, 1927 – Gina Lollobrigida, Italian actress, singer, and photographer
  • July 18, 1985 – Hopsin, American rapper, producer, and actor
  • July 11, 1990 – George Craig, English singer-songwriter and model (One Night Only)
  • July 11, 1953 – Angélica Aragón, Mexican actress
  • July 2, 1966 – Kathryn Erbe, American actress
  • June 24, 1949 – John Illsley, English singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer (Dire Straits)
  • July 20, 1966 – Stone Gossard, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, Brad, Temple of the Dog, and Green River)
  • July 8, 1934 – Alice Gerrard, American singer and banjo player
  • July 18, 1967 – Vin Diesel, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

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