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♎ Libra Monthly Horoscope

LIBRA Sun Sign

Dec 2017 – Moving into the new month with Mars in Libra is a mixed blessing. For while Jupiter left in October, the warrior planet of the cosmos is staying on to ensure you're exploiting as much potential as possible and that you're throwing yourself into the things that excite you and your passions. When Jupiter left he brought the foundation year of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion to an end, but this was only when the real journey began.

Mars wants to know that you're off to an impassioned start. The downside is some personal and/or relationship tension at the start of the month, with Mars moving into opposition with Uranus in your relationship sector, on the 1st December. As you will also start the month with the Moon in your relationship sector, this will exacerbate any tension and in your face the moment you move into the new month, there will be nowhere to hide.

Yet this is not just the last opposition between Mars and Uranus here in our lifetime, but the last of a series of similar oppositions. This is a chance to once and for all get to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. This will in turn open up to a surprisingly stunning month, especially if you took the early hours of the month as an indication of what to expect.

By the time Mars joins lucky Jupiter in your income sector on the 9th December, you'll start to get a sense of the lucrative new era you've moved into, one that will dominate 2018. With Mars not leaving until later next month, this is a chance to really get things moving. It helps that the tide is also turning on the job front.

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Love & Romance

There is good news for your relationships this month, though it might not seem so to start with. In fact, with the month starting with Mars and Uranus in retrograde motion, it might feel like anything but good news. What you see is yet another opposition between a planet in Libra and the planets in your relationship sector, with another wave of personal and/or relationship tension.

This time is different, with Mars' opposition with Uranus on the 1st December the last. When Mars leaves Libra on the 9th December, this will bring nearly 16 months of planetary activity to a close and in the process will take all the pressure off your relationships. Yet in its wake you're left with a more authentic sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.

With your own and your relationship needs no longer in opposition, both sides are free to benefit. However, what will really turn things around is the massive amount of support on the communication front. This includes Venus, the planet of love's return to your communication sector on the 1st December, right in the middle of the final standoff and Mercury, the planet of communication's retrograde turn on the 3rd December, just two days later.

With both Uranus and Eris spending their last full month in retrograde motion in your relationship sector, support from communication forces creates the potential for a major breakthrough. With Mercury in retrograde motion until the 23rd December, there will be a three year period where the doors are open to the past and second chances on the communication and relationship fronts.

This is a rebuilding month, where you can start to enjoy the benefits of what you've had to fight for.

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Money & Finance

This time last year, all planetary activity on the income front ended with the Sun's departure in November. Yet this year, even Venus' departure on the 1st December is going to bring things to an end and if anything, this is when the real journey begins. While Jupiter returned to your income sector in early October to kick off your luckiest and most potentially lucrative income year in over a decade, the early months have been more about setting things up.

Since then the Sun and Mercury have moved through and on the 1st December, Venus will finish fuelling your confidence and updating your desires and expectations. You're ready now to make things happen and with Jupiter here until November 2018, to settle in for the journey itself. However, the real magic begins with Mars' return just eight days later, returning on the 9th December to smash some glass ceilings.

Like the Sun, Mercury and Venus before him, this will be Mars' first encounter with lucky Jupiter here since 2006. However, unlike the others, Mars didn't align with Jupiter and the last time they did align here, was 35 years ago. While they won't align until the New Year, with Mars here until later in January, there is a serious chance to smash some glass ceilings.

With the tide turning on the job front this month, the timing couldn't be better. It was late last month that Jupiter aligned with Neptune on the job front and they will remain aligned exactly until the 5th December, but will work as a team until November 2018. Meeting up here for the first time in our lifetime, Mars couldn't have chosen a better time to kick things into gear.

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Work & Career

December is and should be a low key month, with the professional gods more focused on lining up for your new professional year and the new round of planetary activity that always begins on the work front each February. Since Chiron returned to your work sector in 2010 and Neptune in 2012, they have turned retrograde each June and haven't turned direct again until November.

This year Chiron is still in retrograde motion and won't turn direct until the 5th December, and with Neptune having just turned direct late last month, the tide is still in the process of turning. With both stationary, you're not going to make much progress, but then you don't have to. From the get go Neptune is already looking at new dreams for the future, and Chiron is still closing old doors and bringing this professional year home.

What you don't expect at this time of year is the level of job confidence or the sense of anticipation. With October and November usually the most active month of any year on the income front, there will always be a boost in job confidence, but not to this degree. But then the last time you moved into December with Jupiter, in his early months in your income sector, aligned with Neptune on the job front was? Well never.

This is the start of a partnership that will hold strong until Jupiter leaves your income sector next November and ahead of next year's new job developments, the planets of luck and dreams are already hitching your wagons together on the income and job fronts. The Moon's last visits to your two professional houses for the year will be a valuable chance to bring this professional year home.

You'll have a chance to do that on the career front from the 5th December to the 7th December and on the work front over Christmas, with the Moon in your work sector from the 24th December to the 26th December.

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